Cat Invades House and Forces Residents to Adopt Him

A feral cat gained Internet attention after breaking into a home in the United States and forcing residents to adopt him. According to the publication made on the social network by the new owner Payton, the feline abdicated her wildlife to be able to live in the comfort of her new family.

Feral cats are felines born and raised in the wild, having little or no contact with humans throughout their lives. Despite being part of the same species, feral cats have much more difficulty adapting to the lifestyle of domestic cats because they have never developed socialization skills.

Forced adoption

Image Source – Bored Panda

According to Payton, her new pet simply decided one day that she was tired of living in the wild and forced her way into the house. “Can you believe that my cat has tamed? This is completely crazy. She was born in a colony of feral cats and then said ‘damn it, I want to be pampered’ ”, she described in her publication.

Despite the tough guy’s pose, the feline seems to quite like the quiet life. According to her owner, she loves to be fed pieces of chicken and meows very loudly until someone decides to scratch her tummy.

Image Source – Bored Panda

A study published in Nature Ecology & Evolution in 2017 points out that cats lived close to humans long before they were domesticated. However, felines approached farmers about 8,000 years ago, when the world’s population of mice began to increase and predators were needed to contain pests.

Domestication of feral cats

In an interview with Bored Panda, feline behavior and training specialist Molly DeVoss explained that domesticating a feral cat takes time and patience. Through his years of study, DeVoss has found that wild cats develop confidence in humans as they do not detect any threats.

“They learn that a person feeding them is trustworthy, predictable, and is not going to hurt them,” she explained. According to the researcher, most people confuse the definition of feral cats with cats in the neighborhood, when they are just cats that live in a beautiful neighborhood and look for a new home where they will find better food.

As much as wild cats are not used to human contact, the socialization stage is viable and is part of the story of how these pussies became one of the most popular domestic animals in the world.