Glow In The Dark Bike Lanes Invented For Cyclists Traveling At Night

The tech guys in Poland have come up with a brilliant invention to aid cyclists traveling at night. They have invented special bike lanes that iluminate when the sun goes down.

Image Source – Ripleys

This genius bike lane is currently being tested in the North of Poland and if successful we could be seeing these glow in the dark bike lanes popping up all over the world.

The luminous blue track absorbs the sun`s light during the day and then uses that energy to glow during the night. A daily charge can give these cycle lanes aprox 10 hours of illumination when the sun goes down.

Image Source – Design Boom

The cycle lane is built using special particles called luminophores which can be adjusted to create different colors. Blue was chosen for this area as it was thought to combine more with the surrounding area.

Tests are still continuing to see the new cycle lane`s effectiveness and durability.

Image Source – Design Boom

With the constant threat of global warming more and more people are thinking of abandoning their gas guzzling cars for more environmental friendly bicycles. With amazing cycle lanes like this being produced it could convince other people to make the change to pedal power too.

What would it take for you to trade in your car for a bike?

Image Source – Design Boom

Bonus Cycling Facts You May Find Interesting

Did you know the longest tandem bike ever built had 35 seats?

The first ever bicycles had the crank and pedals on the front wheel. To generate more speed the front wheel was enlarged. But went it rained they became a nightmare with dirty water from the road spraying the rider.

An American called John Howard holds the record for traveling the fastest on a bike. He managed to achieve a speed of around 250 kilometers per hour. And yes he survived to tell the tale.

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