Guy Replaces Jurassic Park Dinosaurs With Cats, The Results Are Awesome

Someone has come up with the brilliant idea of using a little photoshop magic to change the dinosaurs from Jurassic park into dinocats and the results are amazing.

While most people have never wondered what would happen if your purring kitty was suddenly the size of a giant prehistoric predator, one person did. Check out the awesome cat version of Jurassic Park below.

1. Feed Me Now!

2. You Need A Clean Because You Stink

3. Calm Down Their Is Plenty More Catnip

4. Try and Brush Me Again, I Dare You!

5. It’s Dinner Time!

6. Such A Cute Dinokitty

7. The Purrfect Opportunity To Give A Dinocat Cat A Fuss

8. Or A Hug

9. Just Taking The Cats For A Walk In The Park

10. Guess Who?

11. Would You Love To See A Jurassic cat Park?

Bonus Jurassic Park Facts

The first two Jurassic Park movies are based on the novels by Michael Crichton who had previously had major success with Westworld which was about a theme park of robots that go crazy and start killing all the park visitors. Despite having numerous other novels released the director Steven Spielberg took the movie franchise into a different direction with the Jurassic Park 3 and stopped basing the sequels on the novels.

The first Jurassic Park movie earned a whopping $914 million dollars worldwide. It held the record as the biggest hit movie of all time for nearly five years, until James Cameron came along with his blockbuster Titanic.

The Velociraptor sounds were made by a combination of elephant seal pups, dolphins, and walruses. But noise used to convey the velociraptors talking to each other is actually the sound of tortoises having sex.

The sounds made by the Dilophosaurus were a combination of howler monkeys, hawks, rattlesnakes, and swans. The Tyrannosaurus’ roars were a combination of dog, penguin, tiger, alligator, and elephant sounds. The sounds made by the Brachiosaurs were a combination of whale and donkey sounds.

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