Did You Know Some Healthy Foods And Drinks Can Change Your Eye Color?

Did You Know Some Healthy Foods And Drinks Can Change Your Eye Color

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Discover ten healthy foods and drinks that with regular consumption are able to change your natural eye color with regular consumption in sixty days.

1. Uva Ursi Tea

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A cup of Uva Ursi tea relaxes your eye muscles which results in the size of your pupil changing and can give the impression you have a different colored eye. The tea also has other excellent health benefits, it acts as a natural antiseptic which can help fight urinary infections and skin diseases.

2. Honey

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A Regular consumption of organic honey can also change the color shade of your eyes, it can make your pupils lighter and natural color.

Honey also has many other health benefits, it can help reduce the effects of acid reflux as well as fighting off infections.

3. Spinach

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If you want shinier and brighter eyes then regular consumption of spinach can help. It is one of the most healthy foods around and can help prevent cancer, asthma, high blood pressure.

Other benefits include bone strength and healthier looking hair and skin. No wonder Popeye used to eat it everyday.

4. Fish

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Eating fish can increase the eye color strength and if you continue to keep fish as part of your diet the effects can be permanent.

Fish are also great health foods, they are very high in Calcium, Iron, Magnesium and Phosphorous which all help to keep your body working in top condition.

5. Chamomile Tea

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Drinking Chamomile tea gives your eyes a warmer hue, it is also a natural calming sedative and has been known to relieve gastrointestinal discomforts.

6. Olive oil

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Olive oil is famous for being one of the healthiest foods around, it has many health benefits which helps you live longer but one thing many people don’t know is that olive oil can also alter your eye hue.

7. Onions

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Eating onions can lead to a slight change in your eye color. They are also excellent for your mind and can relieve depression and insomnia.

8. Nuts

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Regular consumption of nuts can make your eye color lighter, but this applies only to fresh nuts. Roasted nuts have had all their nutrients destroyed by high temperatures and are no longer a benefit.

But don`t eat too many, over eating nuts can have the opposite effect.

9. Meats

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Eating plenty of meat gives your body a boost of minerals such as zinc and magnesium which help change the color of your iris. Meat also provides plenty of other proteins which are vital to your well being.

10. Ginger

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Ginger is another superfood which has numerous benefits. It can relieve asthma symptoms, heal your liver and is also a good supplement for colds and flus. Regular consumption can also bring about a change in your eye color.

5 Facts about our eyes

1. The muscle that makes us blink is the fastest in the human body. It is possible to blink up to 5 times within a period of one second. Blinking is important to spread the tear across the surface of the eyeball, thus preventing the eye from becoming dry.

2. Our pupils dilate when we fall in love. Among all those good symptoms that we feel when we are interested in someone, the dilated pupil is one of the ones we feel the least. It can increase up to 45% of its normal size when we receive a caress or a kiss from the loved one.

3. Our iris has unique fingerprints. It may look like something out of film, but our iris has about 256 unique features, unlike a digital iris with about 40.

4. Our eyes have a blind spot. There is an area of ​​the retina, connected to the optic nerve, that does not have light receptors, so you cannot see. Our two eyes complement each other, covering each other’s blind spot and that’s why we don’t notice it on a daily basis.

5. The human eye can distinguish 500 different shades of gray!

Not only do our eyes have incredible capabilities, they are also unique. So remember to take good care of them!

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