Hotel in England Lets You Do Yoga With Lemurs

If you think you’ve seen it all, here’s the latest sensation: doing yoga with Lemurs.

One of the most popular tabloids in England stated that there’s a new practise called “Lemoga”, which is doing yoga with lemurs and there is a hotel in England that allows you to do so. The hotel is located in Keswick.

They’re friendly lemurs that live on the surroundings of the hotel and they’re good company for practising yoga.

The yoga classes include walking alpacas around the hotel grounds as part of a wellness program. This program also includes interacting with meerkats and some other sessions with the staff from the zoo.

The hotel staff claims that this can play a great part of our well being, as doing yoga with animals, specially lemurs can have a lot of benefits for reducing stress and even blood pressure.

It will be very exciting if this kind of practice: “Lemoga” could more accessible in other areas, as these animals are incredibly cute and could mean a big wellness change in many people’s lives.

These friendly animals from Madagascar will be able to bring you peace of mind and at the same time helping you work out due to their peaceful nature. They are used to being surrounded in big groups and this is why you will feel comfortable being around them. They are also beautiful animals, being the most famous kind of lemur the one called “Lemur catta” which is the one with the ring-tail, very popular among the different communities and even cartoons.

The lemurs are mainly adapted to the night-light and this is why they are less active during the day, which may represent┬áthe perfect combination of relaxation when interacting with humans. Also their kindly and friendly manners make them the perfect companion for this kind of relaxing activity for humans. Unlike monkeys, lemurs are better to be around as they are more pacific in the sense of they won’t get as agitated as monkeys, and this is one of the reasons why lemurs are one of the best options when it comes to interacting with animals.