How Dependent Are We On Products Made From Oil?

The use of fossil fuels has come under heavy attack by environmentalists and is said to be the villain of climate change, and despite the growing study of substitutes for oil and its derivatives, we are still more dependent on products made from oil than we think.

When we think of petroleum products we usually remember gasoline, diesel and gas, but these are only part of the products that originate from this fossil fuel.

Through the oil refining process, the different derivatives of their crude mass are separated. These derivatives are used as the basis for a multitude of products, and many of them are used in our daily lives.

Here are some of these products made from oil and what our lives would be like if they didn’t exist:

Say goodbye to your smartphone

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Plastics used in electronics manufacturing, such as your smartphone or computer, are made with petrochemicals. That is, without fossil fuels and their derivatives, you would have to find another way to communicate.

Headache would be an even bigger problem

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This acid has in its composition a hydrocarbon called benzene, which is a petroleum derivative. That is, without it, we would be without some of the most commonly used medications for headache and fever.

In addition, latex gloves, syringes and even heart valves used in offices and hospitals could not be produced without oil.

You would have to rethink your wardrobe

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If you love the practicality of those clothes that never crumple, then thank products made from oil.

This is because benzene, which we already mentioned here, is also the main component of nylon, polyester and other elastic fibers that are used in the creation of clothing and bags.

This material also ensures greater durability, water resistance and elasticity to our clothes.

Our way of getting around would have to change a lot

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We usually associate oil with gasoline and diesel, but it is not only there that their derivatives are used when it comes to vehicles and transportation.

Petroleum derivatives are also used in the structure of cars, in their paint enamel and even in synthetic rubber in tires.

And that’s not all! The heavier residual derivatives remaining at the end of the refinement process are still used for asphalt manufacturing.

Many people’s vision would be affected

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This is because glasses and contact lenses are also produced using petroleum derivatives.

Instead of real glass, many prescription eyeglass lenses are made of poly-carbonate, which also needs oil to make.

Say goodbye to your makeup

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The first cosmetics used by humans were natural, made with the pigmentation of seeds and flowers, but most lipsticks and eyeliner today get their color and texture from oil products and their by-products.

In fact, up to 80% of the ingredients found in cosmetics come from petroleum such as acrylates and propylene glycol.

Even your food would be different

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Most food products are also affected by the oil industry, whether through the pesticides and fertilizers that are placed on crops, the dyes and preservatives used in production and even packaging.

In all these processes, petroleum derivatives are used.

The gas we use in our kitchens is also a derivative of petroleum. Incidentally, it is the lightest of derivatives, called LPG (liquefied petroleum gas).

That is, nothing would be as before!
As you have seen, oil plays an important role in our society, and we are still very dependent on it and its derivatives.

While alternatives to petroleum products exist, they are not always easy to find or affordable. So, before criticizing, pay more attention to the products you put in your home.

Could you live without products made from oil, tell us in the comments below.

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