How To Save Money On Groceries For A Large Family

Having two to three kids or more can be hectic especially when you are trying to save money. If you are having difficulty trying to figure out ways you can save money on groceries, then implementing all or some of these
tips I am about to share with you may help.

Your current grocery bill can have a big impact on your finance, but having a good strategy on shopping can save you a lot money. Lets review some money-saving tips.

1. Limit your shopping

Minimize your trips to the store as much as possible. You can decide to do one large shopping trip per month instead numerous short trips. By doing this, you save on fuel, and you can plan your shopping budget more wisely.

2. Make a meal plan

This can at times seem daunting and boring. Even though you can skip one, having that meal plan is more helpful than having no plan at all. Nonetheless, you should not be over enthusiastic on your meal plan. Just stick to the plan while you can consider the ”feed your family planner” system for easy planning.

3. Serve salads or veggies first

Before you consider making that delicious plate of pasta or steak, try serving more salads and veggies to add a little fiber in their stomach. If they are not good fans of veggies, be creative and add some cheese to make it more delicious. Not only is salad and vegetables cheap but they are also good for you.

4. Keep the kids hydrated

Let your kids drink plenty of water daily. This will keep their stomach full so that they eat less and it`s also healthy for them. But avoid juices and soda as they are high in sugar and other bad things.

5. Don’t make different dishes for different family members

Just cook one meal that the whole family can enjoy, cooking multiple dishes is time consuming and can produce more waste which is money lost.

6. Cook in bulk

Bulk cooking saves you time and money. Pack the mac and cheese in your freezer along with other homemade meals that can be easily heated up at a later date.

7. Buy Inexpensive Foods

Fill your plates with cheaper foods such as potatoes, rice, eggs and other ingredients for your meal.

8. Use your leftovers

Don’t dispose of the leftovers. Instead you can pack them in containers and use them another day for soups or other dishes.

9. Grow a vegetable garden

A vegetable garden will definitely save your monthly bill and can be fun in the process, especially for the little ones.

10. Let the kids participate in cooking

If your kids help in the kitchen, they may learn to be more cautious about the foods available. They will also try new foods and it is a good way to prepare them for when they leave home and have to cook their own meals.

As the list is endless, implementing these strategies will help you save a lot on your bills.

Do you know of any other tips on How To Save Money On Groceries For A Large Family?