Hundred Year Old Wisteria Tree Blooms At Ashikaga Flower Park

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About 100 kilometers outside of Tokyo is the stunning Ashikaga Park. It features hundreds of beautiful flowers but the main attraction is this Wisteria tree.

The Ashikaga Flower, is a flower theme park, located in the city of Ashikaga. Seasonal flowers such as rhododendrons, azaleas, roses, hydrangeas and wisteria bloom here. In this park, 8 floral themes and another theme, of the best flowers of the season, are created each year, which are exhibited within it.

A highly appreciated attraction in this park are the Wisteria flowers in spring. It features an abundance of blue, white, and pink Wisteria, as well as Yellow Rain of Gold, which resemble yellow Wisteria. The park contains three massive Glycine trellises that stretch over 1,000 square meters.

Image Source – Japan Travel

This giant Wisteria tree is estimated to be over 100 years and it’s branches have to be supported in order for the old tree to sustain the weight of the hundreds of flowers that bloom.

Although Wisteria may look like trees, they are actually vines. Because its vines have the potential to be very heavy, the entire structure of this plant is supported on steel supports, allowing visitors to walk under its canopy, basking in the pink light. and purple, projected by its beautiful hanging flowers.

Every year a Wisteria festival is held for a month, starting in mid-April and ending in mid-May. In this festival, the showpiece is the ‘Wisteria Tunnel’, made up of some 350 Wisteria flowers about 80 meters long. The light events that take place from the end of October are also very popular.

Image Source – Japan Travel

The park is open all year round but admission price changes depending on the time of year. The wisteria is usually at full bloom for the first two weeks of May so if you want to see this magnificent display then you will have to time your trip appropriately. But be warned this is also the park’s busiest time of year as everybody wants to have a glimpse at this blooming tree.

Image Source – Japan Travel

Ashikaga Flower Park has more than 350 wisterias and their colors vary from pink, purple, blue, and white-lavender. It is definitely a spectacular place to visit and should be on everyone’s bucket list.

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