Ice Cream Shop In Sydney Transforms Frozen Gelato Into Pretty Flowers

An ice cream shop in Sydney Australia is making a lot of success by serving amazing frozen gelato in the shape of beautiful flowers.

The company called i-Creamy Artisan Gelato, serves 24 different homemade flavors, which are inspired by Asian desserts. You can find flavors like Thai milk tea, palm sugar, black sesame, white chocolate miso and durian, alongside with the classics like hazelnut, tiramisu and vanilla, and novelty flavors like beer and popcorn.

Creating a rose-shaped gelato is a slow but satisfying process. Instead of using a classic ice cream scoop, the i-Creamy team uses a spatula to form the “petals” and press them into the cone. The petals are get bigger from the inside out, giving the finished flowers a more realistic look.

Italian style frozen gelato is different from normal ice cream: it is made with whole milk, stirred at a lower speed, and served at a higher temperature.

Gelato was invented by Italian chef Bernardo Buontalenti in Florence during the Renaissance period. Even though its been around the 1600s it wasn`t until 1920s that it`s popularity really kicked off. If you happen to visit the beautiful city of Florence you will find there is a frozen gelato flavor called Buontalenti which is in homage of the creator of this desert.

The traditional frozen gelato flavors are vanilla, chocolate, hazelnut, pistachio, cream (also known as custard), and Stracciatella (gelato with chocolate chunks). But since if you visit an Italian ice cream shop you will discover different shops have their own unique frozen gelato flavors such as melon, raspberry, mango, and pineapple.

What Is Your Favorite Frozen Gelato Flavor?

Some facts about ice cream you’ve never heard of before

After all, how did ice cream come about?
Because ice cream is a cold dessert, it is common to imagine that it came about after the invention of the refrigerator. However, this is not true!

In reality, the idea that ice cream is a modern wonder is not true. That’s because its creation took place more than 4 thousand years ago. And it was in China that it all happened.

At that time, the dessert was frozen in the snow and its recipe called for milk and rice. Such an invention became a success among the nobility. But not among the poorest population, who could not afford to buy it.

However, ice cream was not only consumed in winter. Because the Chinese managed to conserve the snow to use it in the summer.

However, over time, the production and ingredients of ice cream have changed. In the 17th century, with the creation of the first ice cream shop – Café Procope – this delight became popular all over the world.

New Zealand is the country that consumes the most ice cream in the world.
Continuing the curiosities about ice cream, did you know that New Zealand is the country that consumes the most product in the world?

That’s right! Each New Zealand citizen consumes an average of 28.8 liters of ice cream per year. In terms of comparison, the Brazilian consumes only 5.4 liters.

It’s a lie that eating ice cream in winter causes the flu.
Now, on to one of the most surprising ice cream trivia. Did you know that eating ice cream on cold days doesn’t cause the flu?

Although this is part of common sense, it is nothing more than a lie. The flu comes from a virus that is not present in any kind of food.

Therefore, this dessert cannot be blamed for the disease. So, it’s okay to eat ice cream even with low temperatures.

The most expensive ice cream in the world
In Dubai, at Café Scoopi, you can find ice cream that is worth approximately U$1.000,00. But why this value?

So, Black Diamond ice cream is made from vanilla, an ingredient that comes straight from Madagascar. In addition, it has Iraqi saffron and black truffles from Italy.

However, what justifies its price is the presence of edible 23 carat gold. Just like Versace’s Chinese porcelain, which the customer can take home.

Ice cream in the Guinness Book
Another of the curiosities about ice cream is that this is one of the foods that are present in the record book. According to the Guinness Book, the largest ice cream cone in the world was made in 2020, when Italian Dimitri Panciera managed to balance 125 scoops of ice cream in one hand.

Panciera had already achieved the record previously, in 2013. This year he managed to assemble an ice cream with 85 balls. However, the American Ashrita Furman managed to balance 123 balls and surpassed his mark.

Ice cream world cup
Despite being unknown to many, the Ice Cream World Cup brings together participants from all over the planet. The competition is held every two years and already has 9 editions.

During the championship, competitors must perform several tests involving the preparation, taste, decoration and other aspects of the ice cream.

Thus, the last edition of the Cup took place in 2020 and had Italy as champion. Incidentally, the Italian country is the host of the competition, which takes place in the city of Rimini.

Ice cream that doesn’t melt
One more of the curiosities about ice cream that few people know: the ice cream that doesn’t melt.

That’s right! There is a popsicle that lasts for an hour at high temperatures without melting.

However, this unusual wonder is still unavailable on the market. However, Bompas & Parr, the studio responsible for creating the product, promises to invest better in the dessert over the next few years.

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