Incredible Photos Of Extremely Rare Black and White Animals

Discover some of the most extremely rare and very spectacular black and white animals that currently reside on our planet.

Melanism Animals

There are many black and white animals in the world such as zebras and pandas but once in a while nature throws us a curve ball and a unique colored creature is born that stands out from the rest of it’s pack.

Chances are you have probably seen an albino person whether on TV or in real life but did you know there is also an opposite condition called melanism which leaves the person or animal completely black. In fact the word ‘melanism’ is a Greek word which means black pigment.

Check out these incredible pictures of these animals below and chances are you have never seen these species this color before. We have also thrown in a few interesting animal facts that you probably haven’t heard of too.

1. Black Barn Owl

Image Source Paws Planet

The barn owl population in Britain has greatly declined over the years. Thousands die every year from being hit by vehicles and many others die from eating poisoned rats. It’s very sad indeed.

2. Black Lion

Image Source Love The Sepics

Did you know that lions once roamed Europe and Asia. Thanks to man they are now only found in Africa.

3. Black Emperor Penguin

Image Source Reddit

The emperor penguin is the largest species of penguin, maybe that’s why they are called emperors.

4. Black Squirrel

Image Source Nature Boy of Durham

Did you know that there are 265 different species of squirrels around the worldwide?

5. Black Golden Lion Tamarin

Image Source Pinterest

There are four species of lion tamarins and all native to Brazil but sadly due to mass deforestation of the Amazon rain forest all four species are endangered.

6. Black Ostrich

Image Source Pinterest

Ostriches are the largest birds on the planet as well as the fastest. They can hit speeds of 70 km/h.

7. Black Red Fox

Image Source Pinterest

Even though foxes are part of the dog family they share many of the same traits as the cat family.

8. Black Heron

Image Source Pinterest

Many, many years ago people believed that the fat of a heron killed at full moon could cure rheumatism.

9. Black Mallard Duck

Image Source Pinterest

Did you know that the female duck plucks out her own feathers and lines her nest with them to cushion the eggs?

10. Black Zebra

Image Source Pinterest

Zebras are the most famous of all black and white animals but this poor fella was born mostly black, he is going to stand out like a saw thumb among the pack.

Albino Animals

Albinism is a disorder caused by the complete or partial absence of pigment in the skin, hair and eyes. Some people and animals are effected differently, for example some people could have pale skin and blue eyes while others could have pale skin, white hair and red eyes.

1. Albino Kiwi

Image Source Pinterest

It is estimated that one in every 17`000 born have the rare albino condition.

2. Albino Alligator

Image Source Pinterest

Albinos tend to have low vision, whereas humans are able to correct this with glasses, animals end up suffering with poor eye sight.

3. Albino Hedgehog

Image Source Buzz Nicked

Did you know that albino people tend to live longer than ordinary people.

4. Albino Raven

Image Source Reddit

There are more albino people in Africa than anywhere else. In Tanzania and Burundi about 1 in every 1500 people are born with the albino gene.

5. Albino Squirrel

Image Source Pinterest

While albinism is the absence of pigment, there is an opposite condition where animals are born completely black. This has been seen in lions, snakes, penguins and many other animals.

6. Albino Humming Bird

Image Source Aspundir

Because of the lack of pigment in the skin albinos are easily burnt by the sun and so are more susceptible to getting skin cancer.

7. Albino Gorilla

Image Source Aspundir

This is Snowflake, an albino gorilla that was born in a Spanish zoo.

8. Albino Deer

Image Source Aspundir

The famous book “Moby Dick” was actually based on a real albino whale which was a destructive sperm whale living near Mocha island off southern Chile.

9. Albino Lion

Image Source Aspundir

Albinism can occur in any animal in the world no matter how big or small.

10. Albino Penguin

Image Source Aspundir

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