Intel Announces 2200 General Vacancies and Young Apprentices!

Looking for a job vacancy? Do you want to join a new company? Well, then you have entered the correct article, because here you will check all the job vacancies that Intel has announced, being it General and for Young Apprentices, which multiplies your chances of achievement.

Intel is a technology company that works with the commercialization and production of technological products, in addition to the development of new software programs, that is, it has full control over technological sectors, whether products or programming.

In this way, the company decided to announce new vacancies with the intention of innovating its team of employees and bringing to it new people who are willing to learn and improve in new subjects, thus expanding the brand’s success even more.

Therefore, in order for you to have access to all available job openings and how to apply, it is necessary that you continue reading this article and thus have all the information in the content.

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Intel Jobs – General

Accounting analyst

  • Function: It has the function of assisting in the company’s accounting, reporting sales and profits.

Administrative Assistant

  • Function: It is in the bureaucratic part of the company, that is, the administration sector, to check and resolve situations.

Quality Analyst

  • Function: Analyzes all the company’s situations, to check if everything is according to protocol.

Quality Analyst

  • Function: Analyzes the quality of all the brand’s products to see if they meet the proposed standards.


  • Function: Receiving the company, answering phone calls and helping consumers with their questions.

Purpose Vacancies

  • Be fully committed to roles and goals.
  • Keep the focus on the company’s growth and development.
  • Be in agreement with the team, helping and assisting in whatever it takes.

Intel requirements

  • Complete high school
  • Good communication
  • Time availability
  • Serving the public well
  • Agility
  • Responsibility
  • Commitment
  • Work well as a team
intel core

Intel Jobs – Young Apprentices


  • Function: Serve the customers who enter the establishment, presenting and selling the products.


  • Function: It has the function of packaging products for gifts, and receiving exchange requests.

General Assistant

  • Function: Helps in all sectors of the company, helping employees in whatever it takes.

Cleaning assistant

  • Function: Organizes and cleans the work environment, so that employees and customers are always comfortable.

Purpose Vacancies

  • Do the work in a way that contributes to the development of the company.
  • Comply with company requirements and protocols.
  • To act in a way that, in addition to the professional scope, the personal also evolves.

Intel requirements

  • Attending or Completing High School
  • Good communication
  • Time availability
  • Commitment
  • Responsibility
  • Between 14 and 21 years old
  • Serving the public well
  • work well as a team

Intel benefits

Food voucher
Transportation vouchers
Medical insurance
Discount at stores
Life insurance
Family assistance

Selective process

Undoubtedly, one of your biggest interests is to know how the Intel Selection Process works, so that you can apply for a vacancy.

In this sense, to register you must enter and fill in your registration, so that you fill in all the requested fields and data.

Then, it is necessary to wait for its approval, which arrives via registered email, and finally, if approved, wait for the interview to be scheduled.

Good luck!

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