Japanese Man Walks His Nine Pet Cats Everyday In A Baby Stroller

A Japanese man has earned the nickname Cat Man of Kyushu because he takes to the city streets everyday with his nine pet cats in a baby stroller.

Meet Masahiko Suga, a 55-year-old retired electronics company worker who has become a bit of a celebrity in his home city of Tokyo because of his unusual routine. Masahiko loves taking his fluffy fur balls for walks in the city but instead of putting them on a leash he finds it easier to push them around in a baby stroller.

Crowds often gather around Masahiko to see and photo these beautiful and well behaved pet cats having a leisurely stroll. Not sure who likes the attention more, Masahiko or his cats.

The cats are mostly Persian and Masahiko always lets the public give his pet cats a fuss on his travels, sometimes he’ll even take the cats out and let children play with them.

9 persian pet cats being taken for a walk in baby stroller

Even though he currently lives in Tokyo, Masahiko has earned the nickname The Cat Man of Kyushu because he comes from the city of Kagoshima which is situated on Japan’s third largest island.

Masahiko adopted his first cat back in 1999 and has continued to adopt more cats over the years.

The Cat Man of Kyushu came up with the idea to walk his cats after they started to become agitated living in his tiny apartment and he thought the walk might be good for them and he was right. The walk apparently calms the cats and they have grown to enjoy the walks. Especially when the public crowd around and give them a fuss.

9 persian pet cats being taken for a walk in baby stroller

Most dog owners take their dogs out for walks so why not cats thought Masahiko Suga. He also feels happy allowing people to interact with his felines because it distracts them from their busy working lives for a brief moment.

9 persian pet cats being taken for a walk in baby stroller

Persian Cats

The Persian is an old breed of cat and is believed to originate from from Persia hence it`s name. They were first registered with the Cat Fanciers Association back in 1871, but there are records of this breed being in Europe dating back to the 1500s. A Persian cat’s signature is their long-haired fur but the more extreme features seen on some Persians is the flat tiny nose which is a result of selective breeding by humans.

The popularity of the Persian cat didn`t really kick off until Queen Victoria and other royals fell in love with this breed of cat. They were later introduced into the United States at the end of the 19th century, where they became one of the most popular cat breeds in the US.

While most have a squashed nose the Persian breed years ago had a more pointy nose.

They are usually quiet and placid in nature and easily adapts to living in an apartment. They also tend to be more affectionate to their owners and more friendly towards strangers.

Persian cats have very long fur which they struggle to keep clean so usually need constant grooming from their owners.

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