Kids Have More Success At School If They Travel Often

According to a new study, if you take your children on holidays various on a regular basis, they will have more success at school.

A new survey conducted by teachers in America shows that 74% of the teachers believe that traveling has a good impact on the students education.

Some of the many qualities that students whom travel can develop include, respectfulness, tolerance and a wider interest in trying new things. All thanks to their traveling experiences which opens their minds.

Teachers believe that traveling can help students not only inside the class but also playing outdoors too. Children that have traveling experiences can be more independent and also develop a higher self-esteem compared to other children that do not travel.

The students that travel on a regular basis are believed to be more able to adapt to new situations and have more confidence playing with other peers.

The more surprising fact about this survey is that a 42% of teachers believe that College and University admissions are more likely to be granted to those students who are more used to travel as they are more likely to have success at school.

The best thing above all is that it doesn’t really matter the destination, there is no need to travel overseas or to a different exotic land, the survey shows that even local traveling to nearby provinces or cities with a bit of a difference to what the student is used to can have a great impact on the student’s success at school.

The only challenge about this interesting facts is that, apparently the more you take your children on vacation, the more they will be interested in repeating the experience. Therefore, if you start traveling with your children, showing them new things, new places and different cultures it is creating within them an interest in traveling. This will then help them develop a crave for traveling which will make them want to do more and more trips.

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