Latest Trend – Wedding Puppies down the aisle instead of flowers!

If you are planning on getting married sometime in the near future than how about having wedding puppies down the aisle instead of flowers on your special day!!!

Finally, we are living in a world where anything can happen at traditional ceremonies. There is no limit to what we can do, outside of our very own imaginations.

“Do good and challenge traditions” – is the new “in thing”.

Here is a story that’s showing just how creative weddings can be nowadays. Samantha Clark decided that her wedding was not going to be like everyone else’s.

Her Bridesmaids Carried Rescue Puppies Instead Of Flowers Down The Aisle To Help Them Find Homes.

The idea that Samantha Clark came up with helped 6 homeless puppies getting a “forever home”.
She was going to include her own dogs in the ceremony. That makes sense, right? Any dog lover would love to have their beloved pets present on their special day.

However, Samantha decided that her bridesmaids would replace the traditional flower bouquets by local rescue puppies instead. She got the idea from Pinterest and it is almost too adorable to put into words.

All animal lovers will be enchanted when they see these photos. The wedding puppies are just too adorable and the idea is such a great twist to a wedding.

The organization “AHeinz57 Pet Rescue and Transport” is the shelter that helped Samantha’s request. In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey they already had a number of animals on hand that were in need of good forever homes.

At first, Samantha figured that she would have a hard time convincing her bridesmaids to go along with the plan.

But it showed up to be just the opposite. The bridesmaids were eager to join in on the idea, and help these poor puppies.

There were six Chiweenies puppies chosen for the ceremony, which is a mix of Dachshund and Chihuahua. Their foster mother loved the idea and escorted them to the ceremony.

Take a look at the photos of the wedding puppies below, they are beyond cute!

Don’t hesitate to share away, everyone. Think of all the great wedding ceremonies and other great events that will turn from just being traditional to extraordinary, and at the same time helping helpless puppies, kittens or other animals in need of a good forever home.

As the saying goes “Don’t Shop, Adopt”.


If you have always dreamed of helping helpless animals out, or give a twist to an event that you are planning then have a look at these great ideas here.

Nothing is too little, even small things can change the life of an animal in need! So – Start Small, Think Big!

*Bake some cakes and sell them at work, school or to your friends

*Host a little garage sale in your front yard, and asks friends to donate and help out too

*Why not order a collection box for the reception at your work or ask if you can put one in your local pub, newsagent or vet?

*Have a swear box in your office, or pick a popular word instead and charge everyone that says it

*Hold a lunchtime quiz or bingo at work or school

*And for the kids… why not do the washing up for a week and ask for a donation?

*Walk your neighbour’s dog for a little donation

*Or clean your old neighbour’s car

*Have a wardrobe spring clean, then sell anything you don’t want by holding a sponsored clothes swap

*Have a tea party, and ask for a tiny donation for the local shelter

*A quiz could be an idea. A penny for each wrongly answered question

Whatever you choose, you’ll be doing something incredible for the animals, while you enjoy a lovely cuppa and a sweet treat with your friends.

Looking for some inspiration?

7-year-old Florence Hayman lost her two pet rabbits, Honey and Ginger. She was very upset, and asked her mum what she could do to help pets who are in need.

Florence then got the brilliant idea to forgo gifts at her birthday to raise money for the “Blue Cross For Pets”
Florence’s mum said: “Florence is very passionate about animals and it didn’t bother her at all that she wouldn’t be receiving any birthday presents”.

Florence helped her mum to organize a birthday bazaar event with different stalls at the village hall where she lives, instead of having a traditional party.

Florence had so much fun on the day of the bazaar with all her friends and family around her and at the same time raised £400 for such a worthy cause.

So be creative, start small, and help big time.

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