Luxembourg Giving Free Public Transport To Travelers

Luxembourg has become the first place in the world to have free public transport while many other countries, including Great Britain are experiencing a huge rise of transport fees.

Free public transport is not yet in play but soon will be. Even so, at this moment the fares are quite cheap anyway. Tickets covering around 2 hours of travelling in Luxembourg only cost 2 euros, which taking into account that it is a small country means these tickets already cover most of the journey around all areas.

For those who prefer a bit more comfort while travelling can purchase first class at just 3 euros each which makes the journey even more interesting as 3 euros for a first class ticket is still considered a very low fare for the whole journey. There are also tickets available covering all transport for one day for only 4 euros for a second class ticket.

Even you thought that was cheap you maybe be surprised to learn that youngsters can travel for free. There is also an annual pass for residents that cost 150 euros for all public transport all the year round.

This new free public transport will come into effect soon and it will be possible thanks to the removal of a tax break for Luxembourg residents.

Having free public transport will also have the added benefit of less traffic jams which are a big problem in the country, it will also decrease the private car hiring as well as pollution.

Some Luxembourg nationals have complained about the idea stating that maybe free public transport isn’t the best idea as it might lead to a cut in public transport quality which would put the citizens off from using it and hence they would continue to use their cars.

Other disadvantages might arise from this new measure as public transport could be now filled with homeless people, specially during the winter months.

The abolishing of the public transport fares will also mean a new debate about the second and first class travelers.

Also the new Government is planning the legalization of cannabis and has also proposed the addition of two new bank holidays, including a “Europe Day” to be celebrated on the 9th May.

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