Make Your Tea More Interesting With These Goldfish Teabags

A tea company in Taiwan called Charm Villa have come up with a new and creative way to make tea time more fun with these goldfish shaped teabags.

Tea often seems like coffee’s boring cousin so tea manufacturers are always trying to think up new and creative ways to make their tea seem more appealing. Charm Villa may have just cracked it with their clever fish teabags.

The teabags don’t look that special when you take them out of the pack but after putting one in your cup and adding hot water it looks like there is a goldfish swimming around in your cup. How cool is that?

The only down side is that they are not very cheap. A box of twelve can cost around eighty US Dollars which works out around six dollars a cup. But then when you realize each teabag is individually made by hand you can see why.

The goldfish teabags are made from fresh organic rose petals from Nantou in Taiwan and fine-quality tea sprouts. After brewing the tea turns a lovely golden color and has an enchanting rose fragrance. Every sip leaves a fresh and sweat taste in your mouth. Mmmm.

So who would love a cup?

Tea was being drunk in China as far back as 2737 BC but it wasn’t until the 16th Century that the Europeans started to develop a taste for this hot brew. Then around 1904 the teabag was invented and tea consumption grew to an all time high.

Did you know that Ireland are the biggest drinkers of tea per capita in the world? Around 75 per cent of the population are huge tea drinkers and consume six cups a day.