Makeup Artist Turns Ordinary Women Into Beauty Queens

Makeup artist and beautician magician Vadim Andreev has the amazing talent to transform ordinary women into stunning super models.

What makes these makeup makeovers so special is that these are 100% real results. There is no Photoshop or image manipulations involved, just the very talented hand of artist Vadim.

Vadim Andreev does his work in his home country Russia but he has become famous all over the world. Girls are lining up and paying top rates to hire him to turn them into beauty queens.

Many Russian girls use dating websites to find future partners so this service has grown very popular to help ordinary women appear stunning and get their man.

It is not uncommon for couples to actually arrange marriage before physically meeting each other. So the girls hire makeup artists to make them look their best. The results that Vadim can achieve means the difference between a proposal… or not.

While many guys end up happy with their true love some women have actually been taken to court for total misrepresentation of their true looks.

For these reasons the guys in Russia have come up with a saying just for bachelors. ” Never marry a woman until you have taken a long sauna with her.

But none the less what no one can dispute is that this makeup artist has an incredible talent. Below you can see some more of his makeovers and just what he is capable of doing.

if you are curious to see more of Vadim`s magical transformations then visit the link at the bottom to see more stunning results he is capable of achieving.