Making Money Online Without a Website

In need of some extra cash? Then this article has your back. Learn some easy ways of making money online without a website and just your computer?

The internet is packed with many rip offs that can cost you money as well as waste your time. But there are some legit ways out there that can help you in making money online without a website. Whether you are a college student, unemployed, a housewife or just looking to make that extra bit of cash these following tips can help you put some extra cash in your pocket.

So lets kick off our list ways on making money online without a Website and get to the heart of the matter.

1. Start a blog

With as little as $2.95 a month, you can start a blog and begin to earn money. Inform the world about a niche which you love most and have a passion for. Topics like health, technology, travel and cooking are preferred by many bloggers but you could have success with a topic that is unique to you that you know a lot about.

Once your blog is up and running add Google adsense and you can start making money.

2. Participate in surveys

Paid survey websites are countless and pay well. You can earn extra cash by reviewing products and testing them. However, these sites also reward participants with gift vouchers and free products as well. The more you review, the more you can earn.

3. Get an Amazon gift card $10

Get a free Amazon card by joining mypoints. Purchase from more than 1,900 online retailers using mypoints and earn more points with each purchase. Redeem your points for travel expenses and gift cards.

4. Watch videos on youtube and movie previews

If you love watching videos, this is a great opportunity for you. By signing in to sites like swugbucks, they will give you an option of watching videos for celebrities, news and many others. You will watch the videos for the stated time, then earn some points. These points are redeemable for Paypal and gift cards.

5. Become a freelancer

Sign up for legit freelancing sites like Upwork and be paid for writing articles and editing projects. You can as well work in graphic designing work and earn extra income.

6. Virtual assistant

Another great way of making money online without a website is becoming a virtual assistant. You can work for an office or a company at home by checking for emails and other administrative tasks. You can as well advise on travel plans and events while at home. Consider sites like upwork and zirtual.

7. Tutoring

If you have certain skills then you can tutor students at home by sharing your knowledge. Chegg tutors is a reputable source that pays $20 per hour. You can choose the hours you want to work and it could help making money money online without a website.

8. Data entry

Are you any good at typing? If so, you can use your typing skills to enter data accurately to your computer. If you have telecommuting skills, you can perfectly do this work on sites like upwork and craigslist.

9. Affiliate marketing

Sign up with affiliate programs like amazon and clickbank and promote their products. You can earn commissions from any sales you make. You can promote affiliate programs in youtube videos, twitter feeds, Facebook or on a blog.

10. Testing websites

Currently, website owners pay their visitors for sharing their opinion with them. You can complete a video and be paid $10 per hour and record your thoughts too.

There are many other ways of making money online without a website but these are just a few of the easiest ways to get you started. If you know of any other ways to earn extra cash online then tell us in the comments below.

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