Man Lives at Airport for 3 Months and Nobody Knew

Even those who have not seen the movie The Terminal must have heard of the plot starring Tom Hanks, which shows an Eastern European man trapped in an American airport for months after his country suffered a military action. Although it seems surreal, it was based on a true story and it seems that it is not so difficult to happen today.

Recently, a Californian was arrested at the O’Hare International Airport in the city of Chicago, after living there for no less than three months without anyone noticing.

The 36-year-old man identified as Aditya Singh traveled to Chicago for reasons still unknown and claimed to have been afraid to contact covid-19 on the flight back to California, which made him not board the plane. This made him simply live at the airport since October 2020, obviously without any authorization.

The problem is that he was not just walking around the common areas of the airport, but decided to enter private places where only authorized persons could enter. For that, the man had to steal a badge from a real airport employee and pretend to be part of the team if he were approached by someone.

Caught in the act

Singh’s luck changed on January 16 this year, when two airport officials asked to see some kind of identification, probably already suspecting his activities. The man even put down his protective mask and showed his badge, but officials noted that the identification belonged to an operations manager who had reported the item as missing some time ago.

It didn’t take long for the police to be called to the scene and for Singh to be taken into the custody of the officers. When questioned, the man only mentioned that he was too scared of the covid-19 to catch a flight home, but did not explain how he had the courage to fly to Chicago during the pandemic.

Singh had no criminal record until then, but now he has a criminal charge for breaking into a restricted area of ​​an airport and for misrepresentation.

In court, even the judge was surprised that no one had detected the intruder at the airport over the three months he lived there unofficially. In the end, his bail was set at $ 1,000 but he was still in prison until the news of the case began to be published.