Meet 10 Hard Working Cats That Have Day Jobs

While most cats have a mind of their own and don`t appear to give a crap about anything except themselves there are some furry felines out there that are working cats with day jobs and make a contribution to helping other animals and people everyday.

It is common to see dogs with jobs such as police dogs, airport dogs, guide dogs and more but it is very rare to see working cats with jobs and responsibility. So we have put together a collection of ten working cats that have day jobs. This will probably come as a surprise to most people, but no matter big or small the animal, their efforts are always appreciated.

1. The Nursing Cat

This is Radamenes, a very caring black cat that helps looking after sick animals at a Polish veterinary center. He is always on hand to cuddle, massage and sometimes even clean other animals recovering from their wounds and operations.

He was actually rescued and saved by the vets at the clinic and returns the favor by caring the other sick animals. How cute is that.

2. Mousekeeping Cat

Meet Pál Dánielsdóttir, Island`s most famous cat. This small tabby cat is currently the Mousekeeper at Fosshótel at Hellnar village on Snæfellsnes peninsula. She is so good at hunting and catching mice that the hotel chain is now considering employing more cats for their other hotels across the country.

3. Library Cat

This is Browser, a working cat that currently resides at the White Settlement library in Texas. You maybe surprised to learn that cats actually have a long history of working in libraries all over the world. They are used to prevent rodents from chewing up and destroying valuable books.

4. Receptionist Cat

This is Oreo, a stray cat that just one day wandered into a nursing home and decided to stay to help out. The resident`s love having her around as most of them originally had pets and so she brings back happy memories for them.

5. Tow Truck Driver Cat

This tow truck driver has a pet cat called Dixie who accompanies her on call outs. She even has a matching high visibility jacket. Isn`t that adorable?

6. Advertising Cat

This working cat was spotted wandering around his neighborhood. I wonder how many people actually decided to follow him to the garage sale.

7. Cop Cat

Pawfficer Donut is Troy Police Department’s first feline recruit and she even has her own badge. This police cat has been training hard and is ready for pawtrolling the city with her fellow officers.

8. Mountain Rescue Cat

This Gary, probably the coolest looking cat on our list, he is part a the mountain rescue team.

9. Cat Scan Assistant

Meet the little feline that helps his surgeon owner. Doesn`t he look cute or what?

10. Security Guard Cat

This working cat is here to make sure all dogs and their owners abide by the no dog rules.

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