Meet The Dirty Old Man Who Hasn`t Had A Face Wash In 60 Years

This is Haji, an 80 year old Iranian who claims cleanliness makes him sick so has not had a face wash in over sixty years.

While most of us like to stay clean by washing, brushing our teeth and doing other hygienic things there is one man who hasn`t washed nearly all his life, meet Haji.

Meet The Dirty Old Man Who Hasn`t Had A Face Wash In 60 Years

Haji currently lives in isolation in Dejgah village, in Southern Iran. Whether being in isolation is of his own choosing or whether it`s because of the unbearable smell we are uncertain.

Because of the lack of a face wash for so many years his skin has become the color of Earth. In fact it has become a kind of camouflage making him difficult to spot at a distance.

His entire self maintenance is extremely bizarre to the likes of you and me but to Haji it`s normal. For example when he needs a hair cut or a shave Haji prefers to burn his hair rather than cut it.

If you think that is strange enough then listen to his peculiar eating habits. Haji doesn`t like fresh meat or water. He only eats food that is rotting and drinks water from a dirty and rusting old can.

Now guess what he likes to smoke in his pipe?

dirty old man

While most normal people like to have a puff on tobacco this crazy Iranian smokes animal feces. Can you imagine what his breath smells like?

Haji lives out his days in a hole in the ground similar to a grave and despite his strange way of living he seems quite content with his life.

The local villagers have tried to help Haji by building him a simple brick shack to sleep in and while he has used it on numerous occasions he does often return to his whole in the ground.

He has become a sort of celebrity among the locals who have nicknamed him Amou Haji. ‘Amou’ is the Farsi term of endearment for a kind old man.

Haji lives his life without a care in the world. He has nothing to lose and so has nothing to fear.

The question is if Haji has been able to life to this old age covered in dirt do we really need to obsess so much about cleanliness? Perhaps being so clean is actually having a negative effect on us because our immune system never has chance to develop the proper anti bodies. If he can survive so long without a face wash then are we being to fussy in our busy lives? What do you think?

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