Meet The Street Cats Of Torrevieja

If you walk along the beach front next to Torrevieja marina you may come across some of Torrevieja`s street cats that love the beach as much as we do.

Some of these cats like to hang about on the rocks while others prefer to hide in the shady bushes but you only have to arrive with a bag of cat food and they will all come running.

These cats are protected and cared for by a group of volunteers who visit these felines on a daily basis to feed and give water to them.

They have also been castrated to prevent anymore unwanted kittens being born in the area.

While most will run away if approached there are one or two who love the attention and will follow you around if you give them a fuss or food.

Many cat lovers love coming here to see the cats and they have become part of the charming character of Torrevieja.