Most Expensive Chocolates in the World – 12 options with shocking value

The most expensive chocolates in the world are sold as luxury products for reasons that include purity and exclusivity of ingredients.

Chocolate is easily one of the most popular and versatile sweets around the world. This is because it can be consumed in the form of bars or small candies, as well as being an important part of the topping or filling of other sweets. The variety is also in the prices, since the sweets can be extremely affordable or luxurious, as is the case of the most expensive chocolates in the world.

Most of the time, the chocolate consumed is produced on a large scale. Dry cocoa beans are fermented to separate the cocoa butter, mixed with sugar and milk. Despite the similar basis, there are ways to produce the candy in a unique and exclusive way, generating unique luxury chocolates.

You may even have the habit of eating chocolate every day, but have you ever imagined needing to spend hundreds of dollars to buy just one bar? It certainly never crossed your mind. Despite that, we need to show you some of those expensive options.

1- Chocopologie Chocolate Truff

Image Source – Sweets And Sultry Treats

A reference in luxury chocolates and the main name when it comes to the most expensive chocolates in the world, the Chocopologie Chocolate Truff is produced by Danish chef Fritz Knipschildt. Above all, the chef uses a vanilla base covered with dark chocolate to produce a candy sold for $ 2,600. Certainly this option is for those who earn a lot of minimum wages.

2- Wispa Gold Chocolate

Image Source – Money Inc

Wispa Gold is a product of one of the most famous brands in the world when it comes to chocolate. Cadbury started producing sweets in 1824 and continues to manufacture them today. In addition, the first luxury bar was produced only in 1995 and uses cocoa beans from Madagascar in a package with edible gold leaf. Thus, the price can reach up to US $ 1,600.

3- Le Grand Louis XVI

Image Source – The Grocer

Chocolate does not take the name of king for nothing. The product is manufactured by the French company Debauve and Gallais, which has been supplying chocolate to royal families since the beginning of the 19th century. With about 99% cocoa in the recipe, chocolate is considered the best in the manufacturer’s catalog and can cost $ 900.

4- Edible Gold Chocolates

Image Source – Delafee

There are some companies that try to include gold in their recipes, but most famous for this is the Swiss DeLafee International. Founded in 2004, the production uses cocoa beans from Ecuador and covers the sweets with 24-carat gold leaf. Above all, the combination of these factors results in luxury chocolates that can be purchased for $ 500.

5- Black truffles Toscano Amedei

Image Source – The Rich Times

Toscano black truffles also use the best cocoa beans in the world, as well as edible gold. However, the difference of this recipe is precisely in the combination of chocolate and black truffles, which are among the most expensive and luxurious ingredients in world cuisine. That way, a box of candy can reach $ 300.

6- To’ak

Image Source – Tasting Table

The difference of To’ak chocolate is in the cocoa used in its manufacture, in the forest in the Piedra de Plata Valley, in Ecuador. According to the producers, cacao trees are surrounded by more than 50 other tropical trees, which generates a unique flavor. A bar of just 50 g is found for around $ 299.

7- The Aficionado’s Collection

This collection actually includes three different black chocolates. The launch idea came from The House of Grauer, a cigar, wine and liquor store that decided to collaborate with a great Swiss chocolatier to launch an exclusive collection. To have access to the three copies of chocolates in the collection, the interested party must spend about US $ 200.

8- G Collection

Image Source – Luxatic

Belgium is famous, among others, for being a hub for producing good chocolates. Within this context, Godiva launched the G Collection, focused on varied flavors and unique ingredients. The products are made with flavors that target Tasmanian honey and Mexican hot chocolate, with bars that cost no less than $ 200 per kg.

9- Richart

Image Source – Cocinas

Michael Richart is a chocolatier known for using unique ingredients and producing unique luxury chocolates. In addition to winning over the flavor, the chef’s sweets are also surprising for their look. In addition, Richart likes to mix beans as one of the main ingredients of his recipe. It may seem surprising, but it is enough for the sweets to cost about $ 120.

10- Grand Cru

Image Source – Ateriet

First, the Belgian Pierre Marcolini is among the chefs who make the best chocolates in the world, including the Grand Cru. It is manufactured after an individual selection of cocoa beans made by the chocolatier himself. In this way, it guarantees a unique flavor that guarantees the price of your chocolate at around $ 100.

11- Amedei Porcelain

Image Source – Money Inc

Amedei Porcelana chocolates are produced from Criollo cocoa, classified as one of the best cocoa beans in the world. It is no wonder, for example, that chocolate came to be awarded as the “Best dark chocolate” in the world. In addition, the product is sold with some variations, which can cost from US $ 90 US $ 140 per bar.

12- Vosges Haut-Chocolat

Image Source – Vosges Chocolatte

Anyway, this chocolate is a creation of the chocolatier Katrina Markoff, who usually mixes eccentric flavors in her recipes. The brand’s most popular flavors, for example, include truffles with ginger, mint, cinnamon, pepper, wasabi and bacon. In the catalog, prices vary between US $ 45 and US $ 150.

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