Mother Nature Always Finds A Way

The Earth is really spectacular, when we pay attention to the landscapes and the different natural phenomena we soon realize that nature is magnificent, some places are so beautiful that they seem to have come out of dreams, but they do exist and can be seen by all of us.

As we live in an extremely busy routine and with little time to enjoy the best that is on our planet, it is common for people to disconnect from nature.

However, when we stop to look again, it is impossible not to be enchanted by the power that Mother Nature has over everything around her.

We can even think that we conquered nature by creating concrete jungles, destroying forests and mining everything and anything else. However, nature, slowly but surely, continues to prove that it is the only unquestionable queen on this planet. It’s not to be scared, but nature can be really incredible! Even with the man almost always harming her, she manages to fight and even win the fight. With that in mind, our Crafty News team selected a gallery of images, which show how nature is always one step ahead of us showing its power. It is worth checking!

The chimney appears to be a large tree trunk

The trees take over of an abandoned house

Even the steel of an old VW surrenders to mother nature

If there is no floor it adapts

Nature is unstoppable

An old ship that now has a new purpose

A new look for an old sneakers

These are the new customers of an abandoned mall

The bike has a new ride

The ferris wheel no longer rotates

The abandoned chapel has new prayers

Nature is who plays the music

Buddha gets involved by nature

This boat is much better this way

Back under the roots of mother nature

Instead of war the peace of a lake

There is no steel that can resist

An old fisherman’s house in harmony with nature

This abandoned railway has turned into a magnificent green tunnel

Tree of Life in Olympic National Park, Washington, USA. Symbol of resistance.

Surrender is not an option

Nature, the main grain where everything germinate and depends on adequate moments in showing the works of the miracle effect of creation. The capacity of existing, depends on the minimum fraction of time in normal transformation, if registered in the existential eter, then we will be responsible for the requests, and thanks for the donations of the same. Creator or destructor, the splendid nature is owner of creation, only able to re-make life at risk with its spectacular splendor..!