Mysterious Caves Discovered That Could Be The 8th Wonder Of The World

This 8th wonder of the world was discovered in China and has become one of the most fascinating and challenging puzzles ever seen. Even with today’s technology it would be difficult to recreate such precision.

One of the most mysterious underground sites ever discovered was found in the 1990s near the village of Shiyan Beicun in Zhejiang Province, China, when farmers accidentally found a long-lost underground complex.

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These mysterious caves have been called “Longyou Caves” and are about 2,000 years old. According to researchers, they were completely carved by hand.

The astonishing underground complex was discovered by local farmers in 1992 and has attracted the attention of many experts from various countries around the world, including China, Japan, Poland, Singapore and the USA.

These mysterious caves consist of 36 chambers which cover a massive 30,000 square metres. Carved into solid siltstone, each grotto descends around 30 metres underground and contains stone rooms, bridges, gutters and pools.

There are giant pillars evenly distributed throughout the caves which perfectly supports the ceilings. They feature chisel marks in a series of parallel lines which are remarkable considering two thousand years ago tools were scarce.

Only one of the mysterious caves has been opened for tourism, chosen because of the stone carvings found inside which depict a horse, fish and bird.

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Initially, it was thought that the complex had only a single cave. However, further investigation showed that the cave was actually a gigantic network of 36 underground chambers, hidden beneath the surface, completely carved by hand.

This ancient, rare and extensive underground world is considered in China as the 8th wonder of the world.
But what makes the “Longyou Grotto Caves” so incredible?

Well, besides being an absolutely immense place, there is not a single ancient text that describes the underground “city” or its creation. Even today, researchers have absolutely no idea who created the impressive underground complex, what its purpose was or when it was made.

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But the biggest mystery of this 8th wonder of the world is the level of accuracy achieved in the underground complex that occupies a staging of 2,000 square meters, with the highest point of the underground complex exceeding 30 meters high.

* The surfaces of the ceiling, wall and pillar are all finished in the same way, with a series of parallel groovess.

* They maintained their structural integrity intact.

* To the astonishment of the investigators the four “stelae” (erected stones) of the cave are symmetrically distributed.

* The corners are totally accurate, stone and size of the finely sculpted underground complex …

All this generated a great confusion around the scientists, who despite their great effort, could not find records that indicate when the giant subterranean chambers were constructed or by whom.

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So far, researchers have only been able to conclude that the Longyou Caves are magnificent and important, the careful and delicate design indicates that a sophisticated building system was used by its unknown builders. The precision present in the smallest detail is indicative of advanced ‘engineering’, which according to the dominant history should not have been possible for thousands of years.

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Another mystery about this 8th wonder of the world is, when the caves were first discovered, they were filled with water, which presumably had been there for a long period of time. The water had to be pumped out in order to realize that these were not just like the other ‘bottomless ponds’ found within the area, but man-made structures.

Most villages in southern China contain very deep ponds, which have been called “bottomless ponds” by generations of villagers. These ponds are full with fish, which are easily caught. However, after the first cave was pumped dry, not a single fish was to be seen, or any other sign of life.

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How is it possible that there are no historical documents mentioning the mysterious underground complex of this 8th wonder of the world?

Is it possible that it was built by an unknown race?

Is it possible that its construction goes back tens of thousands of years?

Given the fact that the ancient Chinese held extremely meticulous records.

The only thing the researchers know is that digging the entire complex would have been immense since it would have involved the removal and movement of about one million cubic meters of rock and there is no archaeological evidence revealing where that quantity of stone went.

In addition, the researchers believe that taking into account the average rate per day of digging per person; It is estimated that it would have taken 1,000 people working day and night and another six years to complete the entire project.

Commenting on the Longyou Caves, Yang Hongxun, a specialist at the Institute of Archaeology at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, explained:

“At the bottom of each cave, the ancient builders would not be able to see what others were doing in the next cave, but the interior of each cave had to be parallel to one another, or else the wall would be stuck in the other cave So the measuring device should have been very advanced.

There must have been some scheme about the sizes, locations, and distances between the caves long before the project was started.

Do you think these caves should become the 8th wonder of the world?

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Source; Ancient Origins