Nestlé: 1260 amazing new vacancies: Apply!

Are you looking for a job? Did you enter this article because the title aroused your interest? Well, you had the right attitude, as here all Nestlé vacancies will be advertised.

Do you know what is?

Nestlé is a company that works in the food area, and acts as a world leader in the production of food and beverages, that is, the most sold and requested by all.

A great company, don’t you think? As already seen, Nestlé has announced multiple job openings in different areas and intends to hire different employees per sector.

That way, now you can face it as the chance of your life and try to make one of the vacancies yours, but for that you need to keep reading the article.

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Follow the vacancies that the company has made available below.

Nestle vacancies

  • Production Assistant – 300 vacancies
  • General Assistant – 250 vacancies
  • Stock clerk – 100 vacancies
  • Receptionist – 200 vacancies
  • Cleaning assistant – 150 spaces
  • Administrative Assistant – 98 vacancies
  • Financial Assistant – 75 vacancies
  • Sales attendant – 85 vacancies

Nestle goal

Nestlé’s main objective is to always expand its brand, making all countries and places know and like what is offered, in addition, one of the objectives is to always give new people chances and opportunities.

Vacant Functions

  1. Production Assistant

Its function is to assist in the production of the brand’s products, being alongside the other employees who produce, and the machines.

2. General Assistant

It helps in all sectors of the company, that is, it serves as an aid to sectors that feel lacking for some time.

3. Stockist

It stays in stock, organizing the products that arrive and helping those who ask for more.

4. Receptionist

It welcomes employees, giving them assistance in everything they need and gives them tips on new productions.

5. Cleaning assistant

It leaves the workplace always organized, clean and comfortable for employees to get on with their work.

6. Administrative Assistant

Takes care of the bureaucratic part, such as daily productions, monthly meetings, individual goals and annual compensation.

7. Financial aid

He is an assistant in the financial sector, putting on the agenda all the company’s expenses, income and the improvements that must be made.

8. Commercial attendant

It serves the commercial sector, either via telephone or in person, receives complaints and suggestions, in addition to starting contracts with new distributors.

Vacancy Requirements

  • Agility
  • Be dynamic
  • Proactive
  • Responsible
  • Communicative
  • Complete high school
  • Work well as a team
  • Time availability
  • Good communication
  • Desire to learn

Nestle Benefits

Food voucher
Transportation vouchers
Medical insurance
Discount at stores
Life insurance
Family assistance

Nestlé Protocol

Nestlé, like other companies, creates protocols at its headquarters, which contain rules that must be respected and followed, so that the common good and the company’s work will pay off in a better way.

In this regard, see the main rules present in the Nestlé Protocol:

  • Arrive at the correct time
  • Notify in advance in case of medical appointments
  • When unforeseen events occur, notify immediately
  • Respect your superiors
  • Meet day-to-day goals
  • Helping everyday colleagues
  • Respect lunch and break times

Nestlé Selection Process

Nestlé offers its Selection Process online, so for your application to be possible, you must go to and fill in your application.

It is important to remember that the confirmation of application and appointment scheduling is sent via registered e-mail, so you must be careful so that you do not miss important information.

Good luck!