New Avolattes Taking The Cafe World By Storm

The latest trend that seems to be growing in caffees across the world is Avolattes which is basically a latte served in an avocado shell.

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While avocados and coffee are great separately we are not entirely convinced they go together quite so well. But that`s just our opinion, many coffee lovers seem to be loving these Avolattes.

Of course the avocado shells don’t have handles so one can only ponder how you drink these without burning your fingers and making a mess. Maybe a straw would be a good option, until a chunk of avocado blocks it. Would be fun to find out out.

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The idea for the Avolatte originated from the Truman Cafe in Melbourne, Australia but it’s popularity is gradually spreading across the globe. As you might expect Instagram and other social media sites are quickly filling up with pictures of this new brew.

It was originally supposed to be just a bit fun but the public have gone crazy for these lattes. In fact some people are starting to come up with their own unique versions.

So here is the big question, would you want to try an Avolatte?

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Avocados have so many health benefits that they have been classed as a superfood. They are high in vitamins, potassium, fatty acids and fiber. All which can help you live a much healthier life.

Studies have shown that avocados can help lower cholesterol and triglyceride Levels, relieve arthritis symptoms, help prevent cancer and also assists in loosing a few pounds.

Looking at all these health benefits maybe we should all be trying an Avolatte.

But then there are other ways of eating avocados such as in guacamole with nachos or in a simple salad.

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