New Study Shows A Girls’ Trip Is Good for Your Health

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It has been proven scientifically that going on a trip with your friends is good for your health! So don’t feel guilty about taking a break from work, or telling your parents or your partner that you are going on holidays, tell them it is actually healthy!

A study has shown that a good network of friendships can increase our life expectancy due to producing oxytocin (the love hormone) while spending time with friends. It is proven we tolerate pain better if we have friends than those people who are lonely. Even some psychologist were able to know who will have a healthier life just by looking into their friends’ network. Oxytocin production makes us feel more relaxed and happier and therefore it decreases the chances of suffering some heart diseases such as a heart attack for example.

A Harvard study shows that people who have less friendships are more likely to suffer from depression, and even they have the risk to die earlier than those who do have a good network pf friendships. There is also another study about dementia that showed that we are more likely to suffer this kind of illness if we have a lonely life and even another comparative study that showed that feeling lonely as a consequence of not having enough friends in life can be equal to smoking an average of 15 cigarettes a day!

Although it has been proven how healthy it is to have friends, it can be sometimes challenging to maintain friends throughout the years, taking into account that nowadays we move a lot, change countries, change lives, kids grow, and social media sometimes isn’t enough.

Very often the relationships we have with our friendships are long distance ones, and yet this is something hard to keep with the passing of years, but we make that extra effort, we should definitely make a plan to go on a girls’ trip every year, to keep ourselves as healthy as we can and live a better life that has been scientifically proven to enlarge our life expectancy, so make no excuses and start calling and booking your next girls’ trip, even if it is only a mini-break!

So there we go having friends is a good thing for your health as long as you have the right friends. You need to avoid those that are negative and mock you and make you feel bad as they can bring you down with them. You should hang out with friends that are positive and make you feel better, even if it´s just for a 20 minute natter in a coffee shop.