Old Italian Homes On Sale For Just 1 Euro

Fancy a warm place to visit during the winter months? Or do you feel adventurous and fancy moving to a a hot European country. Well, Italy is currently offering a crazy deal. A town in Sicily is offering homes for the price of just 1 euro.

The town is on the Mediterranean coast of Italy and its called Sambuca. It has many houses for sale but for less than what you spend for a coffee.

The reason for this cheap offer is to attract more people to come and live in the town and inject life back into the dying town. Over the last few years, many people have moved to bigger cities leaving Sambuca with no community.

Italian authorities are making sure the outsiders buy these houses straight away and this is why the prices are so low.

The houses are owned by the Government, with no agencies or intermediaries who might interfere on the purchase. They want to make sure that whoever wants to buy they can get it in no time.

But it’s not all good news: the house owners need to be committed to spend at least 15.000 euros in house improvement¬†within the first 3 years for those houses of 40-150m2. And there is also an additional catch: a 5.000 euro deposit has to be handed in which will be returned once the house has been refurbished.

Cacioppo explains that the buyers won’t be disappointed as Sambuca is a town full of splendor within a natural reserve and lots of history, incredible beaches, mountains and it’s situated in a quiet environment which will bring peace to the new owners.

This town needs new comers for not allowing it to become obsolete and empty.

Sambuca was founded in the Ancient Greek times and after many years was conquered by the Saracens who turned it into an astonishing trade center.

The town has an impressive architectural monuments such as Baroque style churches, with ornaments and decorating tiles, full of impressive columns and gargoyles on the fachades.

The offered houses are mainly located at this Saracen neighborhood, in narrow streets and stone houses.

Guardian of the Valley

The town presents an incredible scene of flowers and typical Italian tiling decoration, with inner courtyards, palm trees and astonishing gardens throughout the arcade entrances and staircases.

If the light allows it, you can even see the Etna from the distance. There is also typical Moorish parties in the town as well as cooking classes.

But not all the beauty is on the surface, Sambuca has also a “sunken city” underneath which you can visit with a tour guide that will lead you to the hidden labyrinths and private accesses of the town. At this hidden city there are also legends about the spirits of the Christians to be haunting around here, there’s even a street with a spooky name called The Phantom!

Caciopo assures that up to this moment there have been 10 houses sold and many others are still available but much work needs to be put into place for this latter ones. Apparently the main interested buyers are from Switzerland, Spain and France. They hope that the new owners will fill the town with new businesses and boost the financial situation as well as helping preserving the infrastructure of the cultural heritage of the town.

The town’s deputy mayor have said about Sambuca that the town is an “idyllic retreat.”

There’s a buyer from Germany, Susanna Heinson, who purchased a house and is restyling it, she’s so looking forward to start living in it. She stated she feels like at home and she’s also very happy with all that the town has to offer, including local food and wine. She thinks she will thrive in her new house and is excited to contribute to the so needed re-population of Sambuca.

There will be a new hotel at the town of Sambuca so it can also attract tourist to get involved with the locals of this beautiful town.

The area where Sambuca is located is the main attraction. There is an amazing scenery full of history and Moorish looks along the stony streets of Sambuca. It has amazing landscapes and mountains where people can go to do trekking routes along this beautiful area of the country.

Food and wine

The town is also known for its tasty wine started by the Sicilians. It was also planted some imported grapes from the best areas of the wine industry such as Merlot, Syrah and Chardonnay so they can export the wine internationally.

Sambuca also counts with great local food where you can find places in which pasta and pizza (and many other delicious local food) are cooked in the traditional way making you want to come back over and over again.