People Share Photos With Their Pets With Their Favorite Toys, And It Is Very Cute

Some pets need their favorite toy just like we need them. It doesn’t matter if it’s dirty or tattered, if the toy gives them comfort, they won’t want to part with it, even when its owner sews it on for a little longer.

For example, dogs love having soft toys to snuggle up to. They are great to catch and carry, to “hunt” and when they have anxiety traveling to a new place.

Soft stuffed animals are also good for cats. They may even sleep with them, as they give them comfort in situations they do not like, such as traveling by car or visiting the vet.

We’ve put together a list of photos here to show how cute these relationships are, so take a look, vote for your favorites, and enjoy!

1- Elliot at 4 weeks and adult, but with his favorite stuffed animal

These pet toys are not a luxury, but a necessity. They are important to them, they help them when you are not at home and they provide comfort. They can even prevent certain problem behaviors.

Cats are more fussy about their toys, but dogs play with everything they catch, which means that you have to be careful, since there are dangerous things that are very attractive to them.

2- Plush for the hedgehog

As for cat toys, it is important to check them every time to check that there are no loose parts or wires, or especially if they have a string.

3- Bonnie has put her toy in my suitcase

4- His favorite toy has a battery-powered heartbeat. So they were after putting new batteries

5- The only toy that does not shatter

6- This is my dog’s favorite toy, when he looks out the window with it, people laugh

7- Horse showing his toy

8- My cat has broken her toy, and my grandmother is sewing it for her

9- Pickles and his new toy

10- Rizzo likes to line up his toys

11- This little bear belonged to his sister before she died. Now he takes it everywhere

12- He thought he would be hungry

13- Destroy all his toys except his dino

14- Raccoon and his teddy

15- My son has given his stuffed animal to our old dog to comfort him

16- Cigar shaped toy

17- My mother has washed all the dog’s toys and is waiting for them to dry

18- He is 20 years old and still playing with his ghost

19- My cat and his “whiskey bottle” full of catnip

20- Growing up with his stuffed animal