People Who Did Something So Dumb They Had To Share It On The Internet

In 1999, 2 psychologists from Cornell University wanted to see if people who lacked knowledge or skills about something were more likely to be unaware of that lack.

They began their study with a bank robber, McArthur Wheeler. He was arrested in 1995 after robbing 2 banks in broad daylight, without covering his face or wearing any disguise. When they showed him the images from the security camera, he was confused, because “he had put juice.” The poor man believed that if you rubbed lemon juice on your face, it would be invisible to security cameras. The psychologists did other tests that supported his theory: the less competent you are, the better opinion you have of your intelligence.

This became known as the Dunning-Kruger effect, and it explains why people are so incompetent and so annoying at the same time. And that’s why we like to spend more time with those who can laugh at themselves and their mental farts. Don’t you think you have to be smart and brave to admit that you’ve done something very, very stupid? Well, these people that you are going to read are one of those. We suggest you take a look at this list, where they question their own intelligence and vote for the ones that make you laugh the most.

1- For a few weeks I heard the neighbor’s cat meow, and I replied with a meow. We continued like this for a while until I looked out the window and saw that it wasn’t a cat who was meowing, but another guy who was there. Too many unanswered questions.

Image Source – Tuxedo-cat

2-cleaning the shed and stepped on the rake, which hit me in the face with the stick, just like in the cartoons. It happened to me 3 more times until I had the brilliant idea to remove the rake from there

Image Source – clearcreeklandscaping

3-They asked if the eggs had lactose in it and I thought “they come from the same animal, so maybe.” For 5 seconds I thought the milk came from the chickens.

Image Source – langhe

4-Helping my girlfriend make dinner, she needed lemon juice, and instead of slicing and squeezing it, I couldn’t think of anything but squeeze it roughly until the peel broke and the juice came out. When my girlfriend saw me she asked me how I had survived by myself.

Image Source – Pet Keen

5- I have noticed this year that puffer fish, when they expand, they do not fill with air, but with water. I’m 25 years old.

Image Source – Tropical fish forums

6- A clogged sink, I removed the drain pipe and began to wash it thoroughly in the clogged sink, from which I had just removed that same pipe.

Image Source – Boredpanda

7- In a traffic jam I saw that all the lanes were moving and mine was not. I peeked in to see what was going on and it turns out that I was waiting patiently in a line of parked cars.

Image source – Wikimedia Commons

8- Husband and I went one way to the lake, and came back a different way. We ended up at the end of a street, and we saw a house that had a sign like ours, and a van like ours. Until I realized it was our home.

Image Source – SBLY Spotlight

9- Once I microwaved a mozzarella stick and put it in my mouth. It was burning. I knew I needed to get rid of him, and … I swallowed it. It burned all over my esophagus and stomach as well. It hurt a lot. My friend laughed at me, saying that even the dumbest can spit.

Image Source – BoredPanda

10- light a scent candle. I struck a match. I changed my mind about the candle I was going to light, and went to remove the lid from another. I couldn’t with one hand, so I put the lit match in my mouth to have both hands free. I spent days smelling only the burned hairs on my nose.

Image Source – Boredpanda

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