Research Shows People Who Marry Teachers Have A Happy Life

A recent study by the educational publishing group have discovered that the lucky people who get married to a teacher end up having a very happy life.

This is due to most teachers being self-less, kind, trustworthy, compassionate and capable of handling anything that life throws at them which leads to a happy life.

So here are ten reasons why the study believes that teachers make the best spouses.

1. Teachers Are Good Listeners.

Many teachers are good listeners, they have learnt to develop this skill to build trusting relationships with their students. Good teachers need to be able to listen to their students needs and fully understand their needs.

2. Teachers Are Responsible.

One of the main requirements to be a teacher is responsibility, they are responsible for the safety and education of all their students. Parents have to trust teachers to shape their young minds which will ultimately lead them to either succeed or fail.

Teachers also have to organize lessons while also sticking to education guidelines, and rarely call in sick.

3. Teachers are caring and kind people.

Whether a student is good or bad teachers have to get to know their students, be kind and caring to them and forgive them when they make a mistake.

4. Teachers are good motivators.

Teachers are excellent motivators, they have to show students how to learn from their mistakes, reach their full potential, and teach them how to do their best.

5. Teachers know how to communicate.

Teachers have very good communications skills which have been developed from years have dealing with students of all ages.

6. Teachers are dedicated and passionate.

Teachers have to wake up early and arrive before the students do to prepare for the day and they also are the last ones to leave school. They have to spend their own free time in the evenings and weekends looking over students work and while not getting paid for the extra hours.

A person who shows that level of passion and commitment to a cause would no doubt show just as much commitment to a relationship.

7. Teachers are fun.

Well some are, I have had my fair share of miserable teachers but the majority are fun and love interacting and playing games with their students.

8. Teachers are problem solvers.

Teachers have learnt to handle almost any situation that comes there way. As you probably remember from your own school days that things don`t always go to plan and your teacher has to cope and organize the students through any surprising event whether good or bad that may arise.

For example how organised do you have to be to arrange Nativity play with children, I find it hard work just getting my kids to do things around the house, imagine trying to organize a class of 20 to 30 students to act in a play.

Most marriages have their ups and downs and having a partner who can help solve any problem is definitely a plus.

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