Photographer Captures Woodpecker Taking Weasel For Ride of His Life!

This may look like a cute picture of a woodpecker and weasel playing around but it is actually a terrifying midair fight between the two.

Image by BBC

While it may look cute to you and me it is a frightening ordeal for the woodpecker and weasel who are actually fighting for their lives while in midair.

While taking a leisurely walk through the Hornchurch park in London Martin Le-May spotted these two small creatures battling it out and quickly grabbed his camera. He couldn`t believe what he was seeing, a woodpecker flying with a weasel on his back.

The midair fight ended in a draw with the weasel running off into the long grass still and the woodpecker flew away with it’s life.

Weasels are well known for stealing eggs from bird’s nests but whether this sly carnivorous mammal was after the eggs or was being more adventurous and wanted to eat the bird we are not sure.

Check out the photos below taken by Martin Le-May of the unusual incident:

Image by Insider

Image by Insider

Image by Insider

Is that crazy or what?

Woodpecker Fact

Did you know that woodpeckers have sharp spikes on their tails, this is not used as an attack instead it is used to anchor the bird to a tree as it pecks away at the trunk.

You may also be surprised to learn there are many different species with some that prefer to peck at the ground and others that prefer cacti.

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