Pirelli: Check 2400 vacancies starting immediately!

At first, you entered this article because you saw Pirelli’s advertisement for new jobs and you are interested in knowing them and applying, correct? I probably got it right, but I’ll tell you that the advertised vacancies are still not the best news.

Since, in addition to the vacancies made available by the company, they are also divided by sectors, being the common vacancies and for young apprentices, that is, if you are young and looking for an opportunity, perhaps the first of your life, Pirelli is providing this chance.

Pirelli took this initiative to generate new opportunities, both for adults and young people, as it believes that to start in the job market, you should not be required to have professional experience and career, but rather a willingness to learn, curiosity and character.

Therefore, if you are interested in knowing which vacancies have been made available and how to apply, just keep reading this article so that you can access all the available information.

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Pirelli vacancies – Adults

Administrative Assistant

  • Function: Acting in the administrative sector, taking care of the bureaucratic part of the company.

Production assistant

  • Function: Assists in the company’s productions, ensuring that all services are of quality.

Accounting analyst

  • Function: Its function is to carry out the accounting analysis of the company, checking sales and profits.

Quality Analyst

  • Function: Analyzes the quality of all the brand’s products to see if they meet the proposed standards.


  • Function: Check the services that employees provide, to analyze if they are following the rule.

Purpose Vacancies

  • Dedication to your duties.
  • Availability to help the team.
  • Always check the work performed to see if it is within the protocols.
  • Dedication and focus on tasks.

Pirelli requirements

  • Complete high school
  • Good communication
  • Time availability
  • Serving the public well
  • Agility
  • Responsibility
  • Commitment
  • Work well as a team

Pirelli Vacancies – Young Apprentices

General Assistant

  • Function: Helps in all sectors of the company, making all employees have support in their work.


  • Function: Presents services and products to customers, making them understand and want to take them.


  • Function: Welcome the company, answer phone calls, clarify doubts and receive suggestions.

Financial aid

  • Function: Assists the financial sector, helping them to check daily sales and profits.

Purpose Vacancies

  • Benefit the Senior team in a positive way.
  • Fulfill the functions as determined.
  • Be interested in learning and cooperating in new roles.
  • Act as a helper and also an employee of the company.

Pirelli requirements

  • Attending or Completing High School
  • Good communication
  • Time availability
  • Commitment
  • Responsibility
  • Between 14 and 21 years old
  • Serving the public well
  • Work well as a team

Pirelli benefits

Food voucher
Transportation vouchers
Medical insurance
Discount at stores
Life insurance
Family assistance

Selective process

After all the explanation and analysis of the vacancies, were you interested in applying for any of them? So here’s how to apply:

First, for you to be able to apply, you need to go to pire.com.job and fill in your application.

After filling it out, you must wait for approval, which arrives via registered email.

Finally, if you are among those approved, you must wait for the interview to be scheduled.

Good luck!

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