Pit Bull Welcomes Pregnant Cat To Breed

A very beautiful scene of compassion among animals has taken over the internet in recent days. In the city of Tijuana, Mexico, a Pit Bull broke any kind of stereotype about his breed after “asking” its owner to welcome a pregnant street cat ready to give birth.

According to the person responsible for the dog Hades, Juan José P. Flores, the kitten was already known by the neighborhood, but always seemed to be well fed. However, he only realized that the animal needed help after his pet knocked on the house door indicating the real situation.

Hades, the faithful friend

Image Source The dodo

In an interview with The Dodo, Flores said that the cry for help from his dog was enough for him to decide to take care of the abandoned kitten. Despite never being able to get close to the feline, the Mexican took all the necessary measures so that she was always on a full stomach.

According to Juan, Hades’ call caught him completely off guard. “He looked desperate and was making a lot of noise,” he commented. It was then that the boy realized that Pit Bull was trying to show something that he was harboring in his little house.

Although nicknamed after the Greek god of the dead and the underworld, Hades proved to be a real grace and very attentive. In the end, the dog had noticed the situation of the pregnant cat and invited her to live in her own space, where she could calmly give birth to her children.

Preparations for childbirth

Image Source The dodo

In his account, Juan explains that Hades even dragged a blanket to the entrance to his doghouse in order to set up a lookout over the upcoming kittens. “She felt safe around him. I think she thought he was the father, ”he argued.

With the Pit Bull lookout, the feline became the mother of two beautiful kittens, who were soon taken into the house for greater care and protection. Since then, Hades and cat Nicol have become great friends and have started spending a lot of time together.

Unable to stay with the puppies, Juan Flores soon tried to find new foster homes where pets could grow up happy and very healthy.

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