Police Cut Open Bed Mattresses And Find Illegal Immigrants

This shocking video is doing the rounds on social media and shows Spanish police cutting open a bed mattress to find illegal immigrants hidden inside trying to sneak into Europe.

These illegal immigrants where caught crossing the border checkpoint between Melilla, a Spanish enclave on the north African coast, and Morocco.

Watch the crazy video below which is currently causing a stir online due to the innovative smuggling idea.

The video shows the Guardia Civil (Spanish Police) removing the mattresses from the top of a vehicle and setting them down on the ground. As soon as the bed mattress is removed you can see immediately its heavy and something is not quite right.

Extremely suspicious the Spanish police open up the mattresses one at a time to reveal migrants hidden inside. The immigrants appear to be two young African males. Not sure who seem more shocked, the police or the migrants who have been caught.

The driver of the vehicle quickly fled after realizing the game was up and police were unable to capture and detain him.

The Spanish towns of Melilla and Ceuta are the only European Union’s land border with Africa and have been the source of millions of migrants flooding into Europe with the majority of them being Muslim.

Many countries have now started to refuse entry to immigrants due to huge surges in crime in areas where migrants have been homed. The statistics are quite scary.

In 2017 there was 258 million international migrants

78 million of these arrived in the EU

54% Austrian prison population was foreign (up from 18% in 2016)

1000 ‘jihadi’ brides heading back to EU from Syria and Iraq

50,000 number estimated jihadis slipping through EU via migration ‘crisis’

5,000 returned jihadis living back in EU having traveled to Syria/Iraq

30,000 on UK terror watch list

90% of religiously inspired terror attackers were known to EU police

7670 on no entry lists currently identified by Turkey

Sweden is the rape capital of the Western world with 58% of men convicted being born outside of the European Union

88% of migrants interviewed admit to being smuggled in to Europe