Proof That Animation Studios Have A Rude Sense Of Humor

You may have never noticed but occasionally animated studios sneak in a few rude jokes to your favorite cartoons. Take a look but warned you may never be able to watch cartoons in the same way again.

These Care Bears Are Very Caring Indeed

The Care Bears live on the clouds in a special castle called Care-A-Lot. A few elements of the cartoon pays homage to the legend of King Arthur. Care-a-lot, is a play on King Arthur’s legendary Camelot castle and the bears sit around a heart-shaped table, similar to the Round Table.

Transformers, Horny Robots In Disguise

Peter Cullen has been the voice of nearly every Optimus Prime character since the 1980’s. His voice has been in television shows, video games, movies and more.

Arthur, You Dirty Little Bunny

Most animated studios employ adult voice actors for the characters but for the series Arthur actual children were used to voice the characters.

If Cinderella Only Knew What Her Mice Friends Get Up To

In the original Disney cartoon Cinderella had a dark orange color hair but she was changed to blonde for merchandising. Is that because people prefer blondes?

So This Is How They Tend To Sheep In The Pokemon World

Despite Pokemon being Japanese the name is actually a combination of two English words – pocket and monster. Bet you didn`t know that.

Wonder How Many Kids Googled This After Watching

Did you know that Ed Edd n Eddy have different colored tongues because the animated studios wanted it to look like they had all been eating different colored sweets that had stained there tongues.

Even Ducks Get Horny, No matter How Daft They Are

Daffy Duck is 79 years old this year so maybe we should cut him a little slack.

Donald Duck Getting Up To Mischief Again

Despite Mickey Mouse being the most popular disney cartoon character Donald has actually appeared in more films than any other Disney character.

Why April, Look How Big Your Shells Are

Did you know the voice of Shredder was actually Uncle Phil from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air?

Can You See It?

And now you wish you hadnt!!

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