Romantic Destination Ideas for Winter Travel in Brazil

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There are certainly plenty of places for you to make that long-awaited trip, but when it comes to a trip for two and especially during the winter many end up choosing itineraries where are calm and relaxing.

Couples, usually seek calm places to visit so they can escape a little from the rush of everyday life in cities and get out of all that stress through either at work or college.

Advantages for traveling during the winter:

Here are some of the advantages of traveling during the winter, whether in America or Europe, this will help you better choose the destination you want to travel with your partner.

1- Quieter Cities

Throughout the peak season, hotels and restaurants are crowded and it is impossible to get around some places, choose a good place to eat and of course, enjoy good old tourism around the city as many tourist attractions are crowded.

This makes it difficult to fully enjoy your stay, but during the low season the tourist destinations are a lot more quieter, the hotels have plenty of vacancies and also lower prices. Of course, you will also be able to try the local cuisine without having the headache of finding somewhere with a table free.

2- Queues

When the cold weather arrives many residents end up trying to escape from this climate, it is very common to find people who are traveling to other places because it is summer and with that the endless queues are minimal.

3- Customer Service

As we mentioned earlier, when you travel during the winter season and being anything but busy as it usually works during peak seasons, customer service being in a hotel or restaurant is 100% better because you don’t have to be in a hurry, so enjoy.

4- Promotions

The chances that you will be able to save money traveling in low season can guarantee you a good experience in the place you want to stay and also making your trip much more enjoyable since traveling is already a good thing, but traveling for a little is even better. Promotions range from cheap flights, hotel, clothing, restaurants, tours more.

Trips to do with your partner in Brazil:

1- Gramado – RS

One of the most beautiful cities in Serra Gaucha is the ideal destination for those who want to enjoy the winter next to the person they love. The cold weather blends perfectly with its charming hotels and inns that were created with the intention of offering a warm and friendly atmosphere.

The mansions have an infrastructure that is very reminiscent of the architecture of the houses of Europe with their sloping roofs and also by the gothic style that the local churches have as in Europe.

Gramado has attractions throughout the year, but it is in the winter period that the city holds some festivals with some performances as well as music and many foods.

2- Viscount of Mauá – RJ

In the Itatiaia National Park, in the middle of the mountains where is located between the border of the states of Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Minas Gerais, for those who like nature this is the perfect place to make that trip.

In winter the region offers a climate with sunny days and adequate temperatures, nothing too cold and nothing too hot, enjoy your days there to go hiking to the local waterfalls and also get to know its natural pools.

3- Monte Verde – MG

In the south of Minais Gerais we find the Serra da Mantiqueira which has become one of the favorite destinations of couples in love, Monde Verde is only 167 km from the airport.

The attractions are for couples who like nature such as trails, rivers, waterfalls and even scales and of course, their mountains also like Pico do Selado.

4- Petrópolis – RJ

In Rio de Janeiro in its mountainous region we find the city of Petrópolis that attract tourists all year round because it was used as a refuge for the entire imperial family of Brazil that was present in the country, some buildings are attractions for tourists who like this style of environment.

I hope you enjoyed and chose the perfect destination for you to make your trip with the person you love so much.

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