Russian Huskies Caught Miraculously Walking On Water

It might seem these pictures are not real but believe it or not these Russian Huskies are actually walking on water. Read on to discover how.

A beautiful crystal clear lake near the small town of Kirovsk in Russia had been frozen over during the harsh winter but a sudden down pour of rain left the lake looking like as shiny as a glass mirror.

In order to snap a shot of this amazing picture of nature Russian photographer Fox Grom decided to let his two pet Russian huskies loose on the stunning frozen lake and snapped away.

As you can see the results are breathtaking and even the dogs seem to be blown away with the ability of walking on water.

Fox Grom couldn`t have asked for better conditions to take these fantastic photos. The calm weather left the rain water sitting on the ice motion less which turned it into a spectacular mirror reflecting the sky and beautiful surroundings.

You can see more pictures of Fox Grom’s huskies here on VK.

Don’t you agree with us that these pictures are awesome?

Bonus Husky Fact

Did you know Huskies are actually born to run? They are one of the only animals on the planet that can run without getting tired. They have a special metabolism inside them that allows their body to rest while they are still running which means they can keep running for hours and hours.