Saudi Prince Buys 80 Plane Seats For His Pet Falcons

While most birds love to fly in the sky the owner of these mighty falcons prefers his pets to fly on a commercial airline and so booked eighty plane seats for them.

Imagine finding your sitting next to a Falcon during your flight, how crazy would that be. But no need to worry as these birds are wearing hoods to cover their eyes and are also tied down so there wouldn`t be much chance of them flying around during take off.

The plane is such a safe transportation that now even birds are flying inside. The unusual scene would have been fruit of the wishes of a Saudi prince, who bought 80 seats for his falcons. It is not uncommon for falcons and hawks to be seen on flights from Middle Eastern airlines.

Qatar Airways allows its customers to carry up to six birds in economy class, with prices varying between $ 350 and $ 2,000 per bird, depending on destination. Etihad, another company in the region, also lets owners take their birds as long as proper documentation is provided.

Falcons must obtain a special passport before flying, which needs to be stamped at immigration just like every other passenger. Between 2002 and 2013, the UAE government reportedly issued more than 28,000 falcon passports.

Habitually used in hunting, falcons are very popular animals in the United Arab Emirates, where falconry is a sport that moves millions of dollars.

Abu Dhabi, the capital of the Emirates, has the largest hawk hospital in the world.

If you like Falcons then here are some bonus facts you may find interesting.

*Falcons are birds of prey that can be found all over the world. There are around forty species with heights ranging from 25 to 65 cms tall.

*Unlike other birds of prey falcons have a special tooth on the side of their beaks which they use for killing.

*Peregrine falcons can reach diving speeds of 200 miles per hour (320 km/h) which makes them one of the fastest-moving creatures on Earth.

*Falcons can be found on all continents of the world except Antarctica.

*Falcons mate for life and always return to the same territory each year for mating. Both parents will care and feed the chicks until they are strong enough to leave the nest fend for themselves.

*The technique of hunting with trained falcons is called falconry and it is a form of hunting that has been around for at over 3,500 years.

*The female falcon is usually larger than the male.

*The falcon`s eyes are larger and more powerful than human eyes. They can spot prey on the ground from an incredible height of 300 meters.

*Falcons have the amazing ability to track 3 moving objects at the same time.

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