Scientists Unable To Identify Giant Eye Found On Florida Beach

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Scientists are completely baffled by this gigantic eye that washed ashore on a Florida beach and asking the public to help identify which animal it came from!

Can you imagine finding a huge eye on a beach and passing it onto to scientists who have no idea what it could be.

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The eye wash found on the beach in south Florida and so far nobody has been able to say with certainty which species it belongs to.

Much of the extreme ocean depths have yet to be explored by humans and underwater craft. Every year many new species are found and some of those a real giants.

Could these eye be from a species that until now has not been discovered and named by science. The eye is truly gigantic and deep blue in color which seams to indicate that the animal lives very deep in the ocean.

Image Source – Nationalgeographic

Experts are guessing that the eye was maybe cut out by a fisherman and tossed over board. Could it be some type of squid, octopus or maybe a swordfish or maybe even a marlin. But larger and slightly different than anything previously recorded.

At the moment everything is just guesswork and if you think you can identify this eye let us know. If you live in a coastal area and like to beach comb it can be surprising what you can find. The best time to look for novel things washes ashore if after strong winds and storms.

Sometimes you can find remains of ocean animals thousand of miles away from where they are expected to be found.
Anything from penguins to huge whales are sometimes found in totally unexpected places. So get out there and do some exploring yourself and see what you can find.

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