Scuba Divers Discover Giant Fish Which Has Never Been Found Before

As scuba divers were carrying out exploration in Portugal’s beautiful crystal waters, they were shocked to suddenly be face to face with a huge fish which was swimming along the coast of Portugal.

Immediately, Miguel Pereira a photographer and professional Scuba diver tried to quickly take photos of this giant majestic fish. After a short while word got around and they were joined by several other divers who also wanted to capture some shots of this unique oceanic creature which had not been discovered before.

It turns out that this mysterious creature is actually a rare sunfish. These types of fish are not that popular as they grow so big. But to the surprise of many none had grown to this huge size before.

The Ocean’s sunfish is also referred to as the common mola. It is believed to be one of heaviest existing bony fish in the world. An average’ grown adult has a weight of around 247 to 1000 kg. Sunfish are very tall and long. This, therefore, makes them appear round shaped, which closely resembles the puffer’ fish.

They feed on jellyfish, although they must eat a lot of it in order to maintain their enormous size. Female sunfish’ lay many eggs compared to any other existing vertebrate. They are capable of laying at least 300′ million eggs at a go.

Their sizes have always shielded them against predators. For example, killer whales, sea lions, and sharks are only’ carnivorous that feed on sunfish.

The European Union (EU) regulations banned sunfish fishing activities, but a big number of Asian organizations are illegally hunting them down. Sunfish were discovered floating on the water surface as they absorbed the sun rays, and that is how they ended up with the name.

Despite being too big, sunfish are not dangerous; they are known to be the most inactive creatures. The only incident to have been put on record where a person was attacked by a sunfish was a time, where one jumped out of the boat crazily and landed on its young one.

Bonus Facts About The Sunfish

* Sunfish are so big and heavy they can weigh more than a car. Some have been recorded to way over 5000 pounds, thats more than a pick up truck.

* Sunfish can lay around 300,000,000 eggs at one time making them the biggest producer of eggs than any other animal on the planet.

* Sunfish love to bathe in the sun, they have been found to spend up to half the day basking in the sun near the surface of the water.

* Between 1600s and 1700s these giant fish were accepted as payment for taxes in Japan.

* Because of it`s weird shape the Sunfish swims by flopping back and forth.

* It`s name, Sunfish was given to the animal because it was always found sunbathing.

* It is also called Mola Mola.

* Sunfish are unable to chew their food because of the weird shape of their mouths so they have to keep sucking jellyfish in and out of their small mouths until it’s small enough to swallow.