Spectacular Pictures Showing A Different Perspective Of Famous Landmarks

Most famous landmarks look spectacular in photos but you only have to step back a bit to get a completely different perspective. Some look more impressive while others are a huge disappointment.

Sometimes the angle, perspective and framing of a photograph can favor the image of certain places that we often have no idea of the context in which that image was taken.

The surroundings in which a building or monument is located can drastically change the conception of the person that is seeing and so some scenarios are not always shown in their integrate.

Of course, not all of these photos reduce this great landmarks’s grandeur. The Acropolis, the Santorini and the New York City’s Central Park I think it looks even better or at least look great in a different way in their second photos.

Take a look at these 16 famous landmarks pictures in that way you would never have imagined. Beware, you will be amazed! Tell us what you think.

1. Stonehenge (England)

2. The Great Pyramids of Giza (Egypt)

3. Taj Mahal (India)

4. Sagrada Familia in Barcelona (Spain)

5. Niagara Falls (USA)

6. The Acropolis (Greece)

7. Central Park, New York City (USA)

8. The Forbidden City (China)

9. Cristo Redentor in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

10. Hollywood (USA)

11. Mona Lisa in Louvre Museum (France)

12. Arch of Triumph in Paris (France)

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