Spiders Rain From The Sky In Australia

Emergency spider pest control was needed when the people from a small village in Australia were flooded with thousands of spiders falling from the sky.

This crazy phenomenon occurred at Goulburn with many residents that weren’t lucky enough to be indoors being covered in hundreds of spiders. Many woman reported they had arachnids stuck in their hair and a few men stated they had spiders crawling through their beards.

The spider rain lasted about 30 minutes and left the village covered in cobwebs but this is not a one off incident. Spiders have been found to fall from the sky on numerous occasions in different countries.

The reason for this bizarre event is because some spiders have developed a special way to travel long distances. These clever little bugs build parachutes from their webbing and let the wind carry them away.

Using this technique spiders can travel for hundreds of kilometers and have been doing so for hundreds of years.

The most common time of year to see these flying spiders is between the months of May and August and it is believed that they travel in huge numbers to avoid being eaten predators such as birds.

But it’s not just the spiders that become a nuisance, the area where they land becomes covered in a sticky white layer of cobwebs. At first glance it could be mistaken for snow but once you see the thousands of spiders crawling through it you realize it’s not.

And what do they call this terrifying layer of web? Angel hair.

On a plus side the spiders that fall from the sky are quite small, but could you imagine if it was spiders the size of tarantulas that were raining down on you.

It’s not just Australia that needs spider pest control for flying spiders, these arachnids have also been reported to fall from the sky in many parts of North and South America, especially in Brazil.

What would you do if it started raining spiders where you live?

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