Stunning Images Of Beautiful Models With Wild Animals

You wont believe these stunning images are not photoshopped. Yes, those are real wild animals with the models.

A photographer from Russia has started creating a serious of pictures with models in close contact with wild animals and the results are stunning. The models photoed by Moscow-based photographer Katerina Plotnikova are never in complete danger as professional animal trainers were involved with every shoot.

These fairy-tale style pictures are both sensual and inspiring. Check them out below and see if you agree with us.

Plotnikova’s work always features wild animals that most people are not used to seeing in works of art such as badgers and Moose. Even though it looks dangerous there are always proffesional animal handlers on shoots to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Katerina has had a passion for photography since an early age and each project she produces is absolutly stunning. She gets her some of her inspiration from second hand shops but what really lights her creativity is nature.

You could say these photos are fairytale like, showing the bond between animals and humans.

All of the animals used in these photos are actually pets of people in Russia. Hope you enjoyed browsing through these beautiful, if you know anyone else who might apreciate these pictures then please share this article.

What do you think of these stunning images by Russian portrait photographer Katerina

To find out more about Katerina and see other examples of her work visit her page on 500px here.