Ten Funny Pictures Of Cosplayers Blending In To The Rest Of The World

Check out these funny cosplayers trying to blend in doing everyday things. If you had the chance what would you love to dress up as?

1. Batman And Bane Having A KFC Together

Image Source – Imgur

Even these guys have to eat. But then again how the hell does Bane actually eat?

2. Star Lord And Groot Playing In A Park

Image Source – Facebook

Shouldn’t they be saving the galaxy instead of playing on the swings.

3. Pyramid Head Taking A Leek

Image Source – Cosplayers Doing Mundane Things

Don`t look so tough now does he?

4. Jack Sparrow Taking A Nap On A Public Bus

Image Source – Oddee

He is probably sleeping off all that rum he keeps drinking.

5.Edward Scissorhands Trying To Eat Lunch

Image Source – Cosplayers Eating

This is the ultimate challenge, trying to get the food in your mouth without cutting your face to pieces.

6. 300 Spartans In The Tube Station

Image Source – Imgur

Well this is definitely not Sparta and I doubt there is three hundred of them

7. Naruto getting arrested

Image Source – Happy Squid

8. Piccolo Filling Up His Car In Europe.

Image Source – Cosplayers Doing Mundane Things

9. Sauron Dining At The Cheesecake Factory

Image Source – Tumblr

Wonder what he has got his eye on. Maybe the onion rings.

10. Iron Man Shopping At Victoria`s Secret

Image Source – Oddee

Tony Stark must be buying some sexy lingerie for Pepper Potts. Unless he is into wearing them himself.

Cosplay has become more than just a hobby for some people, they have managed to turn it into a modelling career earning six figure pay checks. But for the most of us it is just a bit of fun dressing up as our favorite characters.

Some cosplayers like to buy their costumes while others spend months creating their ultimate cosplay costume.

I have been to many comic events around the globe and I love seeing all the amazing costumes that people have put together. Some cosplayers go in groups with matching costumes while others like to go alone and stand out from the crowd. But no matter where i have been there is aways that one cosplayer whose costume is so amazing that he or she draws in crowds of people around them asking for photos.

What would you love to dress up as?