Ten Occasions Which Called For A Quick Disaster Recovery Response

Disaster recovery is sometimes the only response we can pray for. Check out these 10 amazing stories of when things get pretty much as bad as they can be!

World’s First Train Drifting Attempt

bendy railway tracks caused by earthquake

While the chances of a train making a drift attempt is actually impossible these train tracks are not. This incident was caused by an earthquake and a quick disaster recovery response team had to be called out to fix the problem as to not delay any incoming trains.

Why were you late for work this morning?

This is what happens when an earthquake hits your road. Can you imagine waking up to see your car trapped by a destroyed road, how will they ever get these cars recovered?

Problems of a mass snowstorm

This church looks beautiful in the brilliant white snow. But look closely, the snow is two meters high and there are no doors left to enter. Just hoped nobody is trapped inside.

Storm Aftermath

These trees might look like a stockpile of timber but they are actually the remnants of a devastating storm which blew down thousands of trees. Once again a disaster recovery response team were called in and the picture above is of the clean up.

You can lean on me

The result of yet another earthquake which toppled the houses over in this street as if they were a pile of dominoes.

There shouldn’t be a problem if we make it taller

This tower was built so high that it collapsed under its own weight because it’s foundations weren’t strong enough.

Cry me a river

But actually this is not a river. Until severe flooding happened this used to be a busy road.

Another Storm Aftermath

You would be mistaken to think that this was the result of another earthquake but it is actually the result of freak weather and flooding which caused these to houses to collide together.

Lost down the sink

We have all lost something down the sink at some time in our lives. But this unlucky person lost their whole house. This enormous sink hole appeared from nowhere. It swallowed up a house and much of the surrounding land of properties. Scientist still have no real explanation why this enormous sink hole developed and caused so much damage. I wonder what is at the bottom?

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