Ten Surreal Landscape Art Pictures That Will Blow Your Mind

A professional artist from Turkey has created these incredible images and they are so surreal you won’t be able to stop staring at them.

The artist who is responsible for these remarkable pictures is Aydın Büyüktaş who is quickly making a name for himself online with his latest project titled Flatland.

He was born in Ankara, Turkey but is currently resident in Istanbul where he practices his photography magic.

Aydin wanted to give people a multidimensional feeling much like the movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio called Inception and he has achieved just that. Entire neighborhoods are depicted doubling in half, with city streets and sights stretching into the sky and folding backwards onto themselves in an unprecedented reversal of gravity.

Aydin uses a drone fitted with a high quality camera to get the images the he needs to create his art but before he can even start Aydin has to plan everything out. It took two months of studying and practicing to get the curve just right for the photos to create this surreal effect.

In order to create these mind bending pictures Büyüktaş has to merge around 18-20 photos together using a special 3D software, the whole process takes a lot of skill and time but as you can see from the pictures below the results are mind blowing.

1. Baseball Field

2. New Mosque

3. Farm and Interstate

4. Junkyard

5. Farm with Bales

6. Bridge

7. Cemetery

8. BNSF Yard

9. American Football Field

10. Red Hills and Road

These surreal pictures were captured from various locations across America. Aydin`s art work has been on exhibit in many galleries around the world including the palace Soestdijk in Baarn, Netherland, the Matter gallery in Toronto, Canada, the Photo Art Gallery in London, Uk, the Aipad Photography Fair, New York, USA, the Museum Fur Gestaltung, Zurich and the Fotoistanbul in Istanbul.

Which of these surreal pictures Aydin is your favorite?

To see more of Aydin’s work and learn more about this creative artist you can visit his official website here.

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