Tesla Sues Former Employee for Stealing Confidential Files

Recently, Tesla, an American automotive and energy storage company, filed a lawsuit against former employee and software engineer Alex Khatilov. According to the news portal Olhar Digital, Elon Musk’s company claims that Khatilov “transferred files from the internal network that were stored in the Warp Drive software – which is basically used to automate the company’s internal business processes – to his account Dropbox staff. ”

The former employee informed the New York Post during an interview that the files were transferred by mistake. However, to the investigators who took over the case, Khatilov revealed another reason. The software engineer, when asked, said he forgot that he had made this data transfer.

Ex-employee vs. Tesla

Khatilov, according to the publication of the portal Olhar Digital, was hired by Tesla on December 28, 2020. As soon as he took office, the software engineer should create a program capable of automating both tasks and business processes – related to the environment , health and safety – thus helping the team to obtain a better quality of work.

According to Tesla, the files were transferred on January 6 this year. Interestingly, Musk’s company had to deal with a case similar to this one last year. In December 2020, Tesla was forced to enter into an agreement with former coach Martin Tripp. The former employee admitted to having passed on confidential information to a reporter who worked in a United States media outlet.

Similar cases to those described above have also recently plagued other companies. In 2019, for example, Zoox, an autonomous startup, was sued by four of its employees. Former workers, who, by the way, had previously worked at Tesla, claimed that the startup had access to confidential documents. Zoox admitted the feat only now, in 2020.

Guangzhi Cao, a former Autopilot employee, was accused in 2018 of copying a certain company source code to his personal accounts and devices. The lawsuit continues in court.

Tesla and its recipe

According to CNBC and CNN, Tesla’s shares are currently valued at more than $ 800. It is believed that the amount in question was achieved thanks to the growth that the Musk company had in 2020. Last year , Tesla increased its revenue by more than 700%. Only in January of this year, Tesla rose, in this percentage, another 20%.

The company is now worth more than $ 800 billion. As the experts reveal, Tesla’s value is “higher than the market value of the ten largest traditional automakers in the world combined”. To better illustrate the information, the market value of the company ahead of Elon Musk as CEO is greater than Volkswagen, Toyota, Ford, Honda, GM, Fiat Chrysler, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Hyundai, Peugeot, Renault and KIA.

Faced with this scenario, experts also say that the value of Tesla’s shares could reach US $ 1,000 during 2021. This would make the difference in value between Tesla and the other automakers become even greater.

All of Tesla’s economic growth involves the fact that the company operates both in the automotive industry and in the technology segment. It is worth noting that, by operating in both segments, the company managed, in 2020, to deliver more than 500 thousand vehicles.

“I think they can reach 1 million vehicles [delivered annually] by 2022. And, following that direction, from 3 to 4 million when we enter 2025-26, with 40% coming from China. In the next 10 to 15 years, we can start thinking about 10 to 12 million vehicles a year ”, comments Dan Ives, technology analyst at Wedbush Securities.

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