Wars and conflicts have always been present throughout man’s time line. From clashes with totally primitive weapons to the modernization of armaments and armor, the combination of strength, unity and strategy was the key that guaranteed victory.

The great warriors of history were highlighted according to their combat profile, a profile that at times became inspiration for the emergence and improvement of new techniques and action plans for future armies.

Check below which were the 10 largest groups of warriors and what were the highlights of their strategies that made them mark history!

10. Aztecs

The soldiers of that time had a great popularity and used to dress characterized as animals, generally jaguar or eagle. The weapons used in the clashes were rustic and primitive, not very elaborate, like bows and sticks.

However, the skill in handling and strategies made the Aztecs very successful in their obstacles – despite this, they later ended up being defeated by the Spaniards, who had a much more modern and efficient weaponry.

9. Mongols

The Mongol class was represented by warriors who were known as barbarians and savages. Still, they also gained prominence for their discipline and organization at the time of conflicts.

With a great domain of bow and arrow, the Mongol warriors battled on horses and were led by Genghis Kahn, one of the greatest military commanders in history.

8. Mamluks

The mamluks had such great military power that they managed to dominate Egypt in the Mamluk sultanate, between the years 1250 to 1517. The soldiers of this class were slaves who converted to Islam, following a code of courage and generosity, in addition to techniques focused on cavalry, archery and wound care.

7. Roman Legion

The Roman legion was characterized by wearing heavy armor and well-structured infantry. As a defense, they used shields inspired by the ancient Greeks.

The skill of this class of warriors was undoubtedly the skill in handling swords, spears and shields in an efficient and unified manner. In addition, soldiers also had wealth, which facilitated access to the best types of armor and weapons.

6. Apache

Considered the ninjas of America, the Apaches’ combat profile was fast and fatal: they approached the enemies from behind and, like a flash, cut their throat. Known as the best knife fighters in history, rustic and primitive weapons were made with wood and bones.

5. Samurai

The samurai were warriors from Japan famous for carrying the sharpest swords in history, which could even cut a man in half. Considered extremely skilled and violent, these knights were always ready to defend their honor and die for their masters.

4. Ninja

The ninjas came when the peasants decided to end the violence of the looting samurai. However, they ended up becoming the most legendary killers in history.

In addition to the sword, they also used very characteristic weapons of this class, such as blowguns, ninja stars and kurasigama – all in line with constant training and incredible martial arts techniques.

3. Vikings

The Vikings were considered the terror of Europe, with a series of actions such as looting, attacks and fierce invasions. In addition, the stature of the soldiers, the thirst for war and the proportion of their weapons also made these warriors mark history.

2. Spartans

The Spartans faithfully followed their war motto: return with your shield or on top of it – that is, winning was the only option. The Spartans’ ability with shield and spear strategies became known throughout the world, mainly for their last position in the battle of the Thermopylae, which inspired many armies later.

1. Knights

The knights of medieval Europe were considered the most difficult soldiers to defeat in history. In addition to being prepared since children with this focus and training their whole lives, they also had extremely strong armor that protected the entire body and favored powerful and deadly attacks.